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Vintage Kerosene Heater Table

This vintage kerosene heater was transformed into a perfect table for my screened porch.

ship lap art

Ship Lap Art

Creating your own unique artwork can be quite easy. Especially with the rub on transfers that are readily available.

upcycled fence

Upcycled Fence

When a tropical storm blew through Georgia and knocked down a fence, I used the wood to create art. The weathered look of the old wood made for the perfect canvas.

the treasure chest

The Treasure Chest

Gotta love a good challenge! A friend asked me to paint a piece of furniture for his bedroom. He gave me several pictures for inspiration, as well as pictures of the pieces he's already using in the room. The inspiration pieces were mostly made with raw, reclaimed wood, and each had a lot of texture.

custom art

Custom Art

Create art that fits your own personal style using a few simple steps. This project requires just a few products... Dixie Belle Paint Company's Crackle, Paint, Slick Stick, Clear Coat, & Glaze. With the right products and techniques, it's easy to add custom art to your home!

be our guest

Be Our Guest

I am in the process of redoing my guest bedroom. This will be the first of several posts to come with some of my DIY projects.I'm starting by sharing this antique vanity mirror makeover.

how to make an industrial cable spool snowman, christmas decorations, pallet, seasonal holiday decor

Industrial Cable Spool Snowman

This cute snowman was made using the end of a cable spool. The spool ends were given to me by a friend and everything else I used I had on hand. So, the cost of this project was basically just my time, which was less than an hour!

succulent table

Succulent Table

Before you take that broken piece of furniture to the dump, look beyond its intended purpose and create something unique. A chair can become a shelf, a dresser can become a bar, & a table can become a planter!

make your own custom flower pots, crafts

Make Your Own Custom Flower Pots.

Did you know that you can print on tissue paper? Simply wrap it around a piece of printer paper and you can run it through your printer to get the exact graphics that you want. Then all you have to do is adhere it to a flower pot with ModPodge and you have a beautiful custom flower pot.

fork and cork plant markers, crafts, gardening

Fork And Cork Plant Markers

Summer… the birds are singing, the temperature is rising, and our gardens are growing! Identify your plants with these easy to make plant markers. This project not only adds a unique touch to your garden, but is also a great way to recycle your wine corks. Not a wine drinker? You can purchase corks at craft stores or at wine making supply stores. Use a wood burner to add the plant names to the corks.
This would also be a great idea for place cards at a dinner party or luncheon. Add the guests names to the cork and place in a potted plant. Then let your guests take them home as a nice gift and reminder of what a great host or hostess you are!

Virginia B
Virginia B