What can I do with a broken mirror?

My mirror broke (hopefully no bad-luck ahead), and am looking for cool ways to re-use the broken mirror glass. Any ideas?

How do I safely get nail polish off my dining room table?

The table is a medium brown color wood.

Anyone have any idea why this happened?

A few of our window or door frame boards have had the paint buckle as in the photos. The house was built in 1936. The boards are original. We scraped, sanded, primed... See more
q anyone have any idea why this happened

Coat rack

My coat rack is so boring. Ideas?
coat rack, repurposing upcycling, shelving ideas

How do I stop cars from making u-turns in my driveway?

When traffic backs up on our street,people use our driveway to make u-turns.
It makes me crazy, especially when the kids are out there.

How to keep our lounge warm?

Just moving into this rented accommodation. We can't keep the lounge warm due to the open stairs. Putting a curtain at the top hasn't helped much. Any ideas. ?
q open stairs cold lounge, stairs, Front door and stairs Cold lounge

Repurposing Designer Tissue Boxes

We have a bunch of old tissue boxes with the pretty design art printed on them.How can they be repurposed?
q repurposing designer tissue boxes

How often do you wash your shower curtain??

Ours looks clean and we wash it occasionally, but I'm always wondering if there was a rule of thumb for how often to wash it for optimal hygiene. Thanks!

What can I do with old newspapers?

I have a ton of old newspapers/magazines lying around the house. Any creative ideas what I can do with them?

Shoshana Drucker
Shoshana Drucker