it s about time easy clock makeover

It's About 'time'.. Easy Clock Makeover

Yes, I was bored. I had just completed a very large and involved project for a friend (which I will post later :). I had no other projects waiting in the wings for once.I was feeling 'crafty' and remembered this clock ,that I loved, but had just simply stopped working one day. No amount of prodding or new batteries was going to make this puppy work again, but it was wood and in excellent shape.. so down in the archives it went.Until now.I pulled it out, tore it apart, and did this...............

clara s journey desk redo long post

Clara's Journey (Desk Redo- Long Post)

I state "long post" , because I'm a bit long winded on this one (oh right, like that is something totally new for me! ha). Clara took me 5 weeks and a bit of nail biting to complete. This was a big makeover for me, and I absolutely adore the results! You may feel free to scroll past my ponderings and just check out the pics, my feelings will not be hurt! lolAs I may have mentioned (many, many times.... lol) my best friend moved to Maryland (this is where the table from "It's 5 o'clock somewhere" went to), and it was on a visit to her new home that I met (and fell in love with) Clara. She was down in the basement half under a bunch of 'still yet to be unpacked' items. Clara had not had an easy life by the looks of her, but she was sturdy, with good bones, and a hidden beauty. Well, at least 'I' thought so (not everyone appreciates hidden beauty :). At the time I was helping my friend decide what to do with her kitchen/dining room area (she was going to remodel, which is now complete and STUNNING!). Since she was planning to re-do part of the space as an office, I offered to re-do Clara for her. She eventually declined because this was to be an office for her husband and he wanted a larger, more manly desk : ) Understandable, Clara appears to be a woman's writing desk of sorts, definitely not his style! LOL I came home from my trip, but never forgot about Clara. After my friend had decided that Clara simply did not fit the bill for the new office, I quietly asked "So, what are you going to do with it?"... My friend knows me so well.. we both knew that it was not just a "casual" question, she knew without me saying that I wanted to get my hands on that desk........... She said I could have it. My heart skipped a beat, and my mind raced because I already knew exactly how I was going to make her over. I got on the internet and began ordering supplies.........Her husband brought Clara to me when he brought the kids to Michigan for spring break. We carefully carried her down to my work area. This is the first time I got a really GOOD look at Clara... Oh my, Clara was missing ALL of her front feet! as well as having chipped two of the back legs. The rest of her was in relatively good, solid shape! Thank goodness! A bang here, and a loose spot there, but all in all, terrific shape. I was in a quandary. I had no idea what to do with her missing 'feet'. I remembered reading a post on Hometalk about a woman that had made a mold using hot glue (thought it was darned ingenious at the time, which is why I remembered it), but darned if I could remember where that was.. so I asked the Hometalk community and SHE ANSWERED! I re-read the post, but I had another problem , all I had was three small pieces of 'feet' that I found in one of the drawers. These pieces were all I had to give me any kind of clue what Clara's feet used to look like, and nothing to actually mold... what to do..

everyone s made these right tie blanket

Everyone's Made These... Right? (Tie Blanket)

One of my favorite things to do is make tie blankets. I assumed that everyone that wanted to make one had probably done so already.. but.. what if they hadn't? What If they didn't know about tie blankets, and the wonderful fuzzy-ness of them!? What if they had no idea they could make something so wonderful and easy?? So, I decided to share, you know, Just in case... we simply cannot have people not knowing about such loveliness!You can make these in any size but the most common size is 60" X 72". This is because Fleece (the main ingredient) is mostly 60" wide and two yards of it is 72". That leaves the actual blanket 50" X 62" with 5" fringe all around. Just the right throw size! Fleece does not fray so NO Sewing involved! Yay. They also wash up with ease and last for years (just ask me when I got my first one, go ahead ask... still one of my favorites). These are quick and very easy to make, and they make awesome gifts! They are available as "kits" at the big box stores, but honestly any fleece will do. Pick out a fleece with a nice pattern you like, and a coordinating solid color for the back (or go crazy with two patterns , whatever you like!). I suggest a place where you can do this on either a really big table, or on the floor. You get a better fit if you can lay it flat out. LET'S GET STARTED!With WRONG sides together (remember you are not going to sew it, and you are not going to have to turn it when done. It should be the pattern you want to see facing you), lay the two pieces together on a flat surface. If needed trim either or both pieces so that they are even all the way around. A lot of material has a 'salvage' edge , so trim that off.

ooh la la that desk it s french you know

Ooh La La That Desk! (it's French You Know...)

Ok, not really. At least not the desk itself : ) The writing however is apparently. I would not know French if it hit me in the face, and that after having spent 3 years of my childhood attempting to speak it! The best I could do for you is Les haricots verts, which is green beans and one of my favorite vegetables! hahahaIt's the little things....So on to the desk. I was perusing Face Book one day when I came upon this computer desk. I work from home, I am in I.T., AND I just happened to need a desk! It was the perfect size, 5 minutes from my house and CHEAP! Winner , winner chicken dinner! The fact that it was boring orange/brown didn't matter, I could make it my own.. off to snatch it up I went!I used it as is for a while because I didn't have the time to mess with it. I was organizing my office the other day and decided I had just had enough of boring , time to redo my desk.... Here's how it went...

ornaments old style

Ornaments Old Style!

I was cleaning out my Christmas items and reorganizing my containers. I came across a bag of gold ornaments. They were left over when I decided to change the colors on my Christmas Tree. Since I change my mind often (as many of us crafters do) I had kept them 'just in case'. I did need 'something' else for my tree. You see I have a brand new lighted tree this year (my old one was over 20 yrs old! I have to have a fake tree because I'm allergic to real and I was excited to get this new one that was just a tad bit bigger than my old one). Since it was bigger, I had more space to fill. YAY me!! More projects!! I had just finished all of the other items I wanted to complete and was hankerin' (yes that's a word according to my southern hubby..) for another fun , easy and quick project... this is what I came up with.

the punk pillow

The Punk Pillow

Many of you have already seen my Pomeranian (or should I say my husband's Pomeranian), Rascal. He is a tiny, full of himself, kinda guy. Because of this attitude, around our house he has lovingly been dubbed "The Punk" or Punk Dog. He hangs with my hubby on the couch in the evening and watches tv with him. He also helps himself to one of the decorative pillows that are on that couch. Of course it's not the one that I put there for him, he has to choose the more expensive one and the one I would call a 'just for looks' kind of pillow. One day I remarked to my husband that he was on the wrong pillow. To which he stated "what do you mean the wrong pillow? Everything in this house is his anyway don't you know?"( ...true....) "and besides, he doesn't like the other pillow it makes him too hot" (too bad, so sad.....). "I guess you will just have to make him his own pillow"!. Now, I am an obsessive pillow drives my husband nuts, for him to even suggest I make "another pillow" is unheard of, this is how much this little fart has melted his heart. : ) and mine too. I just had to make a pillow especially for him , but it couldn't be just any old pillow, it had to be special like he is....

a tisket a tasket a really cool diy basket

A Tisket, A Tasket , a Really Cool DIY Basket!

I haven't posted a project for a while... boo me. I have been extremely busy at work and at home and well...just plain tired. I was itching for a new project and happened upon this really, old, rickety and cool basket! This was one of the items that my hubby had picked up long ago "just because" he thought I'd like it (what a guy!). It has been just sorta hangin around and every once in a while I'd pull it out and put it on display for one reason or another, but he's been hiding in my basement for a while now. It was high time for a makeover! I already knew where I'd put him. I needed something to hold the brand new towels that I had purchased for my guest bathroom (yes that's right , the one that Hobart and Penelope live in and yes Hobart had to come down and check out the new addition to give his seal of approval......which he did, thank goodness. I really did not want to hear the whining that may have ensued if he did not.) So here it is, and I really love it!

i ve been punked steam punk frame

I've Been Punked! (Plain Jane Frame Get's Steam Punked)

As I've mentioned before, in another post, friends of ours just moved into their new home (referenced in my post "Pretty in Pink" seen here: I had already surprised the lady of the house with a housewarming Keurig stand (I opened her coffee world up when she came to my house and used a Keurig for the first time.... she drank 6 CUPS!LOL, she is already a 'firecracker' so she was wired for sound!! hahaha Thank goodness she did not choose the Starbucks, she may have gone into hyper drive! I'd love to harness her energy and use it to power my house! : ). She purchased a brand new Keurig for herself , so I surprised her with a stand to hold her k cups : ) but her hubby does not drink coffee and I wanted to surprise him with a little something. He loves all things industrial and steam punk. He is also a great fan of Bulldogs (he has owned three) and has a brand new rescue Frenchie named Frankie! What better than something that combines the two!? I found just the perfect thing in some 'bully' steam punk prints!! and promptly bought them. But while I was looking , I came across another steam punk print, it is of a Pomeranian with a top hat and it looked just like mine and my hubby's pom Rascal!! OMG could it get any cuter!! I had to have it! Not to mention that my husband's nick name for Rascal is "The Punk" LOL! (Yes, he comes to the name....of course he also comes to 'butterbean', 'pipsqueak', 'crabby pants'... and alternately 'selectively hears' any one or all of them... ) The print (in this case) came beautifully matted in a flat black matt, but now I needed a frame...............I found just the ticket , also on Etsy.... to the tune of $100!! Whoa. Ok , so it might be worth the money, but seriously not going to spend that for a cute and wonderful, but nicely inexpensive print.... ok so what to do now?? hmmmmm That's right DIY of course!! I had a black frame just hangin out that I decided fit the ticket and here's how I made it fit the bill for the 'steam punk' look I was after.Link to the Etsy store I got the print from:

pretty in pink hug

PRETTY IN PINK (HUGE Makeover for a Little Table)

Don't you just love that movie? Me too. Of course I like just about everything having to do with 'pink' (the color not the singer, although I like her too!). I have adored Pink since I can remember being asked what my favorite color is. I hear that the new 'in' color this year is PINK! I could not be more excited (and my husband could not be any less enthusiastic! lol) I found this pink color (American Décor chalk paint in Willow Mist) on Amazon and had to have it. At the time I had no project in mind for this color, I just wanted it and it was Prime, and free shipping ...... :) forward a few weeks later when my husband was over helping our friends put up a new lean to for their Donkey's, supposedly...... and I was to meet him after finishing my errands. I am just about to our friend's house when he calls me... "Hey babe?" (I know I am about to be inconvenienced.......), "yes dear?"...........I was driving our truck that day because I had to take stuff over to aid in the build of the new Donkey house, and he informs me that he is not there. What!? (and here I am feeling bad for him that he's working so hard....) He informs me that he is in fact at an Estate sale.... where said friends have just purchased a BOAT LOAD of 'stuff'... and , he needs the truck. So , I swing by their house (where the wife is now back at home, having made one drop off trip already of items purchased), drop off what is in the truck and head over with her to get the remaining items. I walk in the Estate house and there it sits, lonely, forlorn and forgotten. It's in the corner, and it's late, so it is now half off and it's homely so no one is going to take it home..... I give my husband the "eyes", and he says "Babe, if you want it , we'll find room.... well you don't have to tell me twice!! I loaded up "Molly" (yes after Molly Ringwald) and headed out. I have to say this is by far my favorite piece I've done to date. What a drastic change and I can't wait for y'all to see her!

it s 5 oclock somewhere table makeover

'It's 5'oclock Somewhere!' (table Makeover)

My best friend recently moved to Maryland...again. Boo hiss. But I am extremely thankful for cell phones and Facebook! I won't miss her nearly as bad with a constant form of keeping in touch Moving to a new home has started her 'decorating' all over again as this house needs a few updates and has more room than her old house. Her new bedroom is huge (jealous) and needed more than just a bed and armoire! She sent me pictures of the two new, gorgeous chairs she purchased to go in there. That's where the fun started.When I was much younger (weren't we all) I was given an antique replica table. I had very little furniture at the time and used it as a side table. Then as an entry table, then, well you get the drift. The table never did quite fit in with my style but has followed along with me for ages. For the last 15 yrs or so it has been sitting, lonely and neglected in my basement (as have a lot of things). After having the table for so long it was looking a little tired and beat up, and my last attempt at sprucing it up a bit was a big fat fail. I just was not happy with it and since I didn't need it, well there it sat. When my friend showed me her chairs, I again thought of that table, and how good it could be between those chairs. I sent her a picture and asked how she would like this table redone to go with her new chairs- it was a resounding yes! Yay, she would get a new table, I would get a fun project, and the table would get a new purpose! Win, win, win! Yeee hawI knew exactly what I wanted to do with it too. My friend has a high-stress job, 3 teenagers ,4 dogs, 2 cats and 4 horses and now a new home (frankly I don't know how she does it) and in the evenings, at the end of her day, she likes to sit and relax with a glass of wine or two (she has teenagers remember?). Here's how it all went down...

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