how to easily add legs to furniture

How to EASILY Add Legs To Furniture

Sometimes furniture just needs a little face lift. And sometimes you need that dresser or nightstand to be just a little taller. We've got you covered!In the past we have added legs to so many different things. But it never has been easy. Until we came across this sweet little tool!

how to easily repair furniture to paint

How to Easily Repair Furniture to Paint

A lot of old furniture is damaged in some way, whether it's your own furniture or a piece that you have found for cheap. So let's go through how to repair those chewed up marks, holes, chipping veneer, hardware holes, large scratches, missing corners, or trim. The process is the same no matter what you're trying to repair. But this method is only for painting, as it won't take stain, and it definitely won't blend in with the rest of the wood on your project. But once you paint it, no one will see the difference.

farmhouse coffee table

Farmhouse Coffee Table

Hey friends! I've had this coffee table for a while, but I finally got around to painting it! Here is what it looked like before. You know, the usual. Wrong wood color, knicks, dings, dents and scratches. Unwanted and donated to a local thrift store.

cheap no sew farmhouse curtains

Cheap No Sew Farmhouse Curtains

There is nothing like cheap, no sew, easy and farmhouse being all in the same sentence. But here we are and I cannot wait to give you a small way to create a big impact in your home. With DIY farmhouse curtains!Window treatments are not usually cheap or versatile. But these ones are. And there are so many things you can do with them too! But let’s get to the basics first!

the farmhouse cabinet makeover

The Farmhouse Cabinet Makeover

Do you remember when woodshop was a typical class in every high school? Back in the day, my husband LOVED going to his woodshop class. He built this gun cabinet there, and now I've turned it into a farmhouse cabinet.So here is what it used to look like. My husband built it out of oak, and then lacquered it. Definitely not the style I want in my home right now, so I had to switch it up a bit.

black vintage farmhouse dresser

Black Vintage Farmhouse Dresser

I was in search of a dresser to replace an adorable little desk in our room. I was completely surprised that I found that dresser just a week later! It was close to perfect! All real wood, except for the top. Ugh! Why why why do manufacturers do that?! Well I could simply paint the pressed wood top, but I wanted a beautiful stained top and I wasn't going to get that with a pressed wood fake top. Plus I try to steer away from pressed wood as much as possible! It just doesn't hold up as well as good ole real wood does.

vintage vanity turned nightstands

Vintage Vanity Turned Nightstands

Do you have a small bedroom with hardly any room for nightstands beside your bed? If so, you're not alone! Most vintage nightstands are short and wide, taking up too much space for those tight bedrooms, and then they end up being shorter than the bed! Thankfully there is another solution!

antiqued blue farmhouse buffet

Antiqued Blue Farmhouse Buffet

We snatched up this buffet a few weeks ago, in perfect time for our client to contact us and fall in love with it. She was looking for a buffet for her dining room and wanted this specific antiqued blue finish with a dark walnut top. We get so many inquiries about this exact finish and we were happy to meet her request!We started out by prepping the buffet for a new finish. We stripped the top with Citristrip, removed the hardware, and finished up with our go to prep process.

paint dipped highboy dresser in teal

Paint Dipped Highboy Dresser in Teal

This dresser started out pretty drab and definitely needed a face lift. I've been drooling over the paint dipped look and this chest of drawers was perfect for it! There is something beautiful about combining wood and paint, especially when the paint color is an ever so popular teal.

mismatched nightstands in deep grey

Mismatched Nightstands in Deep Grey

Small vintage or antique dressers are perfect as nightstands because they are tall enough for the height of our modern beds, and they provide so much extra storage! I loved that the empire dresser has a more masculine look, while the antique dresser has a feminine feel; perfect for those fun his and her nightstands!

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