new kitchen shelves as part of an island

New Kitchen Shelves (as Part of an Island)

Our kitchen has an island - not movable unless we want to re-configure the placement of the sink & dishwasher. On the opposite side of the sink & dishwasher is an overhang - we installed 1 small shelf unit, then had 2 barstools. The barstools were being used to hold coats & miscellaneous items for 4 years. I think they were sat on twice. Time to add more shelves!This took me 2 hours to do & cost about $30. If only all my house projects were like that!

anthropologie knockoff shelf

Anthropologie Knockoff Shelf

Saw a 3-tier shelf on the Anthropologie website that I thought would work in our bathroom. But - the price tag of $198 seemed a bit steep for me. I made my version in about an hour (not including paint dry time) and for $15. It would be more if you have to buy the wood for the shelves, but I just used scrap...

new end table

"New" End Table

We have 1 end table in our bedroom - my husband lets me "share" his... so generous! He's my inspiration for this project - we've shared many things over our 26 years together - I figured it was time he could stop sharing his end table.My phone usually ended up on my dresser, which is too tall for me to easily grab it when the alarm goes off. I found this "telephone table" at our local restore for $5 - it wasn't scratched up, and luckily, it didn't need any repairs. It was however, pretty bland. I bought chalk paint, & the chalk paint top coat, but the rest of the supplies I had already. Total on this project: $36. I said "3 days" due to drying time.

toy repair makeover

Toy Repair & Makeover

I took a broken Little Tykes old-style workshop (that I bought for $10 at the Habitat Restore) repaired the cracks & missing pieces, and turned the other 1/2 into a kitchen.My granddaughter loves it already - I just wanted it to look nicer!Took me about 4 days - mostly waiting on paint to dry overnight. It could probably be done in a few hours, but I was taking my time. Cost was around $26 as I only had to buy the toy & paint - already had the other materials.

countertop update bathroom

Countertop Update - Bathroom

We were finishing the updates to our old house that we were trying to sell & my eyes fell on the ugly pink 90's counter. As we already needed to replace the broken sink, I figured it was a good time to do something about it as well. The pink certainly didn't go with the gray-blue tones bathroom. Painting time - 15 minutes per coat, 24 hours between coats x3 - which is why this took me 4 days to do! Total cost - around $75.

cruddy corner to mini library

Cruddy Corner to Mini Library

Lots of books at our house - but where to put them? In the wall & under a staircase, of course!

like a west elm rug

Like a West Elm Rug...

Love the unique rugs from West Elm - hate the prices! Here's my kitchen rug version for under $15! Total time spent about an hour - not including drying time.

mini herb garden

Mini Herb Garden

I needed to contain my herbs and wanted them accessible year-round. My solution was a round planter and to load it up!Total cost on this was around $28 - but I have most of the potting soil bag left.

laundry cabinet

Laundry Cabinet

Needed a solution for something - anything - to hold our laundry supplies. They were taking over the shoe bench in our entry hallway/laundry area.

Deborah Perrin
Deborah Perrin