dolly s things

Dolly's Things

I found a doll sized, old fashioned high chair at my local Goodwill for $12. It was 50% off day so I ended up paying $6 for it! I knew it would be a perfect Christmas gift for my doll-loving 8 year old. It was large enough to accommodate even her largest dolls. The best part was I already had all the supplies I needed on hand!

from neglected to ravishing

Abandoned to Refined

One night my friend texted me asking about furniture restoration. She had saved an old dresser from the trash but did not know how to make it beautiful again. It was an older style, antique dresser. It was wood but it had veneer drawer fronts. After some back and forth we discovered her style and color preferences and made a plan. I couldn't wait to turn this poor, decrepit dresser into the ravishing beauty she deserved to be!

little boy blue to little black dress, bedroom ideas

Little Boy Blue to Little Black Dress

I needed a dresser for my daughter. She is hitting her tween years and has a huge love for black...and bright colors.

ugly shelf goes classy , painted furniture, shelving ideas

An Ugly Shelf Becomes Functional and Pretty!

This was one of two hanging shelves that a friend sent home with me to see what I could come up with. I love this one!

neglected bookshelf puts her tea party dress on, decoupage, painted furniture, shelving ideas

Neglected Bookshelf Puts Her Tea Party Dress On

This sad, neglected bookshelf stared at me forlornly from its spot on the thrift store floor. Everyone else had looked at her and shuddered. She had sat there for months. Filthy, broken, embarrassed. If only someone would take her home. This girl needed a home and my daughter needed a bookshelf.

she s a lady, how to, painted furniture

She's a Lady

From the picture on Craigslist it looked like this was solid wood. I attached the trailer and went after it but it turned out to be particle board. I had come this far with the trailer so I bought it. (I'm better at saying "no" now). I decided to make it over and sell it to earn my money back. Not only did I get it back, I made a tidy profit!

jewelry box gross to glam , how to, painted furniture

Thrift Store Jewelry Box Goes Fancy Schmancy!

I bought this jewelry box for $5 at my local thrift store. I was looking for a project that wouldn't take much time but would be fun to do. I picked this up and made it over for my daughter who loves glamorous things.

Felicity Wallace
Felicity Wallace