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Farmhouse Tables {farmhouse Friday}

Welcome to the first ever Farmhouse Friday. This week, I am talking tables. Farmhouse Tables. Wood ones, chippy ones, warm patina ones, chunky leg ones. I love them all. Take a look at some of these beauties I share. What are your thoughts on Farmhouse Tables?

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Utensil Caddy Herb Garden

I don't know about you, but when I see a $2 treasure at Goodwill, I just can't leave it behind. (even though I could give a Hoarder lessons) :-) I turned my $2 Caddy into an Herb Garden. I added some chalkboard stakes and some cute burlap ribbon and flowers, and capped it off with a brown paper tag. Its the perfect centerpiece for my outdoor table on my porch!

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Farmhouse Bathrooms

Do you love clawfoot tubs and painted wood floors and vintage sinks? Yea, me too. I am sharing Six Elements That Create a Farmhouse Bathroom. This is another post in the series Farmhouse Friday.

embossed bird pot and moss jute orb, crafts, gardening, Adding twisted lengths of jute completes the Moss Orb

Embossed Bird Pot AND Moss/Jute Orb

I love the large moss orbs you see in design stores. It's a moss-covered ball. How easy and inexpensive could it possibly be to make right? Have you priced a large styrofoam ball? Shut the front door! You will NOT believe what I used to make mine. Hint: your kids will want it so you better hide it. :) I share my easy how-to pics for creating a pretty paint-washed Embossed Bird Pot, also.

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How to Make Snowball Christmas Ornaments (you Won't Believe What They

I have had this idea on my mind for over a month, and finally decided to give it a try and see if it works. At first - I thought it was going to end up in the "Big Fat Fail" category - but in the end - it turned out to be one of my fave Christmas Ornaments I have made this year. I bet you have the supplies on hand that you need. :)

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DIY Iced Winter Branches for Pennies! (or Free!)

I have been wanting to create Iced Winter Branched for years. I see them at the craft stores and think to myself, "self, don't pay this ridiculous price for these branches when you can make your own." This weekend, I *finally* got around to it. It didn't cost me a thing because I had the two products (besides the free branches) on hand already. Here is what I used and how I created my branches.

make this easy diy fall sign and free printable

Make This Easy DIY Fall Sign (and FREE Printable)

There are many uses for printables. I wanted to do something a little different than simply framing the printable I had just designed. I had a Burlap Canvas I had never used, and that is when I had an idea for a unique Fall Sign.

three super easy diy fall frames

Three Super Easy DIY Fall Frames

Who doesn't like to show off their children, or in my case their grandloves. I wanted to create some easy DIY Picture Framed that would fit in with my Fall decor and best show off pictures of my babies.

how to make your own chevron fabric any color for cheap, crafts, home decor, You can use this technique and this product to create any color of fabric you desire

How to Make Your Own Chevron Fabric (any Color) - for CHEAP!

I have fallen head over heels in love with a new product by Frog Tape. It's called Shape Tape. It's a cut, patterned tape which allows you to create a Chevron pattern. I used some leftover fabric and ASCP to create this fabric, which I then turned into a No-Sew {faux} Roman Shade! I can't wait to try this one another project! Check it out!

house number pumpkin planter, curb appeal, seasonal holiday decor

House Number Pumpkin Planter

For a quick 'n easy Fall project, you can create a "House Number Pumpkin Planter" in about 30 mins or less. I placed mine by my front door, but you could place it by the mailbox or anywhere you want your house number to be seen. If you don't want a house number, how about creating several and spelling out "F-A-L-L" or any message with one letter per pumpkin.

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The Everyday Home/Barb Garrett
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