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santa claus napkin rings

Santa Claus Napkin Rings

I don’t know about you but I love a pretty table and all of the details. It can make the simplest meal taste good. So when I saw these Santa Claus napkin rings in a catalog I knew I had to make them.

dollar tree mirrored centerpieces diy project

Dollar Tree Mirrored Centerpieces DIY Project

The tutorial that I bring to you today is a very simple one, Dollar Tree Mirrored Centerpieces using Dollar Tree Mirrors. Going to the Dollar Tree is like an adventure, you get so many things with which we can create and make accessories to decorate either for our home, our office or for that activity you are planning and want to do at a low cost.On my last visit I bought some mirrors that its original use is to carry candles. I found them perfect for centerpieces so we went straight to the tutorial of these Dollar Tree Mirrored Centerpieces.

dresser to bench

Crib to Bench

Have an old crib in storage? One that has sentimental attachment that you just can seem to get rid of? Turn it into a cute entry way bench! Check out how we transformed our old crib into a distressed beauty for our entry way (plus there's space for storage!)

faux brick wall with german schmear

Faux Brick Wall With German Schmear

A client of mine wanted to add a bit of texture to her bar wall without breaking the bank. Texture? We got just the thing! Here’s what we did to give her the brick wall of her dreams! (in just a few steps)

essential oils bottle art

Essential Oils Bottle Art

I have a hard time throwing things away, especially those cute little EO bottles. They’re now wall art but will become garden art in the spring.

paint makeovers for thrift finds

Chalk Paint Makeovers for Thrift Finds

I love thrift store finds for a few reasons, not only do you get an item at a reduced cost from the original purchase price but you get the opportunity to be creative. You'll often find items that appeal to you in shape and size for your home yet the item might not match your decor. Such as was the case with these two odd finds, a blue tray and a pottery jug.

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Answer DIY questions

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How do I hand paint or overlay an artistic design on a metal toaster?

A friend has asked me to paint or overlay an artistic design on a white metal toaster for her holiday gift. I’m not sure what paint or overlay substance would work on a toaster so that the design doesn’t melt or catch on fire. Suggestions, please. Pic is for example only & not the design to be used.

q how do i hand paint or overlay an artistic design on a metal toaster

How do I redo a standing jewelry box?

I got a 3drawer standing jewelry box/dresser I want to redo for my daughter . I started sanding it but any ideas or help is appreciated and much needed

q how to redo standing jewelry box

How do I redo this fireplace?

what to use that won’t cost a lot to redo fireplace & tiles & around the bottom by wood floors any ideas & Thank you

q ideas on what to do with fireplace

How do I waterproof my wall around the bathtub?

I have repainted my bathroom but around my tub is sheet rock and I wanted to know an easy way to waterproof it.

q waterproof my wall around bathtub

How do I do reverse stenciling?

I can’t stencil well, especially the smaller letters. I usually do a reverse by laying letters on wood ( spray a bit of sticky glue first) and then spraying the base coat on and do a bit of rustic edge sanding. Fast and fun. Got hints on real stencils for me? I have no patience. Thanks.

q does anyone reverse stencil

Answer DIY questions

These hometalkers need your help!see all

How to remove grease stains from clothes?

I had a flat yesterday and I was in a rush to get my daughter to school, so i got out and changed the tire, riding on the spare until I got to a tire shop. When I got home I realized that although I could get the black off of my hands with some strong soap, my pants were a different story. I ran them through the wash on hot with all the cleaning agents I have on hand, but the grease stains didn't budge. Is there anything I can do to save my favorite jeans?

q how to remove grease stains from clothes

How to clean black mold?

Can someone tell me how to clean black mold? And what is black mold? Should I be concerned seeing this in a few placed in my home? Of course it's ugly and gross, but I'm asking if there is reason to be concerned that maybe something is wrong. In any case, I want to clean it the right way so that it will not come back. So I need to know how to remove black mold.

q how to clean black mold

How to fix leather couch is peeling?

How do I fix me leather couch - it is peeling! I really like this couch and I don't want to have to replace it, so I'm hoping someone here on Hometalk can teach me how to fix it. Let me know what you have tried and has worked. Thanks!

q how to fix leather couch is peeling

How can I refinish this cabinet without doing a lot of work?

My kitchen cabinet above where I use my instant pot has damage to the surface. The wood feels roughand the grain is open. I now use a steam diverter so this won't happen again. How can I refinish this cabinet without doing a ton of work? My cabinets are about 30 years old and I can't afford to call in professional.

q how to refinish cabinet

How do I hang a small cabinet in the garage?

I found this small cabinet at a yard sale and want to hang it in the garage. It has 4 holes in the back where screws have been. What type of screws should I use and any other tools.

q how do i hang a small cabinet in the garage

Watch video tutorials

The Best And Easiest Way To Use Dixie Belle Gator Hide On Dark Paint

This guide will show you how to get a streak free and flawless finish with Dixie Belle's Gator Hide. No more streaks! Get a beautiful finish the easy way!

Poolside Flagstone Patio

This poolside flagstone gas insert with manual key valve (180K BTU burner). Running of natural gas line to fire pit, was completed by a certified gas technician. All disturbed lawn areas were graded and seeded after construction. Front and back yard landscaping was renovated with transplanting of some existing and installation of all new plantings. All landscaped bed areas were Edge and mulched except for pool area which was river stone.

Give Old Christmas Stockings New Life With Faux Fur

Every year I end up buying something new to decorate for Christmas. New things come out & I get pulled in just like everyone else.This year the 1 thing I really wanted to change was our Christmas Stockings. Should I buy new or keep using what we have? I decided to keep it sustainable & give our old stockings new life with faux fur.This project was free since I already had everything on hand. But even with buying a yard of faux fur at regular price, it would have come in at about $15 with fur leftover for something else. I did 3 stockings & didn't even use half the remnant so that works out to about $2.50 per stocking!!Excellent since this style retails for upwards of $30 each!

Easy Wooden DIY Ornament Display Tree

Have you gotten in the Christmas spirit yet? We have an awesome tutorial for you today: ornament display trees!! This is such a fast and easy project. Before you know it, you'll be displaying your build and wowing the crowds.