how to make your own sign stencils

How to Make Your Own Sign Stencils

Cute signs are everywhere these days, right?Rather than buying something ready made and impersonal from a store, here's how you can make your own adorable sign with DIY stencils. (No special cutting machines required!)For more inspiration, be sure to check out all the cute sign projects on my website.

updated fireplace

Updated Fireplace

A friend of mine was redecorating her house and the fireplace really needed to be updated.

pumpkin hair

Pumpkin Hair

Did you know that pumpkins have hair? Well they do now! I actually stole this idea from my daughter-in-law and son. Jaclyn & Ryan are very creative.

diy oversized magnetic chalkboard

DIY: Oversized Magnetic Chalkboard

I love leftovers!!!I’m not talking about dinner from the night before.I’m actually talking about the piles of “junk” growing in my workshop garage.Leftover wood scraps from various projects can be found in any corner or stuffed in any box in our garage.

diy quick wall art with twine wrapped plates

DIY: Quick Wall Art With Twine Wrapped Plates

I’m always looking for an inexpensive way to decorate my rooms or to add new subtle touches to existing decor. This is a quick, easy and super inexpensive way to add a little character to your white plates. It’s classic and comfortable, traditional yet rustic.

diy make your own rustic signs

DIY: Make Your Own Rustic Signs

Need a quick and easy decorative accent that you can make for any room?All you need are some leftover boards, a little paint, some imagination, and if you are like our family, you’ll need a sense of humor too. I took the leftover pieces of barnwood from this bathroom makeover and ripped them on the saw. You could definitely use new boards that have been stained and sanded to give it a salvaged look.

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Answer DIY questions

These hometalkers need your help!see all

Put laminate or hardwoodflooing over tile?

I have had tile recently put in my kitchen I'm not liking the look and it seem some tile is not flat as others or leveled. I do not want to have the same people come back and redo certain areas as the project took to long. Is it possible that laminate or hardwood floors can be put right over the tile or does the tile needs to be ripped up so the new floors can lay flat

q put laminate or hardwoodflooing over tile

Use old cabinet to change to Rustic look?

How to change ugly cabinet vanity in bath room to a nice rustic look cheap?Its 4ft wide with nice top and has open space for chair which is useless. Help

q use old cabinet to change to rustic look

How can I change the concrete floors in my retail space?

I have just leased a retail space for my business, which is a large "basement" space with concrete floors. My theme is "Native/Ethnic/Moroccan". What can I do to make a bigger statement?

q how can i change the concrete floors in my retail space

Help with hydrangea bush?

These hydrangeas in my yard where overgrown. I read that with this type they bloom on new wood so I should trim them back to about a foot off the ground in the fall. I did that but now I’ve got these GREAT blooms that are so heavy that the stems can’t support them. Should I trim them back again this fall and then again in the spring so they are more of a bush and not do “leggy? I’m afraid that if I do that I might not get any blooms.

q help with hydrangea bush

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my pumpkin patch adventure

My Pumpkin Patch Adventure

I wanted to put together a fun and colorful pumpkin patch to decorate for Fall! I went with this fun dirty pour method, and it became a long winded and fun adventure! Watch how it all unfolds!

transform a christmas garland into a fall table runner and centerpiece

Transform a Christmas Garland Into a Fall Table Runner and Centerpiece

Transform a pine cone garland from your Christmas decorating stash into a natural and organic runner and centerpiece for your fall table with a few additions in 10 minutes!

diy fall tassel hoop wreath

DIY: Fall Tassel Hoop Wreath

It’s officially fall so that means it is time to get my autumn decor out!Lately I am drawn to more neutral seasonal colors, as my holiday decor has become more minimal. Stepping away from what is thought to be more traditional colors also allows me to use the decor all year long if I desire.So, today I share with you my simple, goes-with-everything Fall Tassel Hoop Wreath.Minimal, yes. And a little bit modern meets Bohemian meets farmhouse. Whatever you want to call it, it reads simplicity and I am loving it.I followed my own easy tutorial for DIY: The Easiest Embroidery Floss Tassels using black thread, wood beads and jute twine. The wreath is a fresh and simple statement that I can hang anywhere in my home. The beauty of the simple wood silhouette shines and the stylish black tassels offer a funky feel to the wreath.Paired with some fall goodies like pops of orange pumpkins, it takes on a seasonal flair, but is also equally welcoming year-round on a hallway door.What is your decorating style this fall season?

homemade carved pumpkin preserving spray no bleach

Homemade Carved Pumpkin Preserving Spray – No Bleach!

If you love carving pumpkins, you will love this spray!The best part is it has NO bleach! This makes it safe for kids, pets, or anyone with breathing issues. Many of my family suffers from breathing issues (asthma), so we can't use bleach around the house.This is why I love to create alternatives for you!

magazine rack makeover

Magazine Rack Makeover

I am all about giving new pieces new life ... mainly thru paint. When I saw this old wood magazine rack I knew it just needed a paint pick me up. Follow me as I give it a face lift.

organize your garden plant tags for easy reference and fall planting

Organize Your Garden Plant Tags For Easy Reference and Fall Planting!

Do you need help organizing your plant tags for your garden? I did and this easy project took 10 minutes and cost $1. I wish I had done it sooner!

Watch video tutorials

DIY | Dollar Tree Rustic Fall Wreath Easy Fast One Under $5

This stunning Fall Wreath is super easy and fast to do and the budget is lower than $5 specially if you are gonna use some stuff you already might have like pine cone and some dry flowers leaves grab your glue gun and join me in this few minutes and see how we end up with pretty rustic Fall Wreath ,,you can hang it on the front door or on the wall

easy diy wood and metal magnetic display board

Easy DIY Wood and Metal Magnetic Display Board

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of art created at school and at home by the kiddos? I have one that expects me to keep it all. Our contributor, Emily from Table & Hearth created the perfect board to give the kids a sense of satisfaction at seeing their hard work proudly displayed.

Stenciled Tile Accent Wall: New Trend Alert

Hi there! Need some new accent wall ideas? Stencils are the perfect solution. Not only are they easy to use but they’re also extremely affordable and reusable. Ready to transform your boring wall into a gorgeous masterpiece? Let’s get stenciling!

Ikea Hack Chic Desktop Organizer Video Tutorial

Bare wood desktop organizer from Ikea gets an artistic update with Artisan Enhancements Pearl Plaster, stencils and Bio Savvy stains. This was a fun and simple project with beautiful results! The products I use are earth friendly, safe and so easy to work with!