learn how to paint over mother of pearl furniture

Learn How To Paint Over Mother of Pearl Furniture

The Mother of Pearl on this piece was badly damaged from time and neglect. It was discolored and broken. Many of the tiny pieces were missing from the design and the only option was to paint over it.

fall front porch makeover part 1

Fall Front Porch Makeover- Part 1

I seem to be making decorations and wreaths for everyone else so I figured it was time for me to make something for myself! I decorate for Christmas every year, but the other seasons are pretty much ignored other than the occasional touch of decor. This fall I’m doing it right! This project is part 1...

the easy way to strip furniture of polyurethane paint and stain

The EASY Way to Strip Furniture

I know I just published a post showing you how I used two household items to refinish scratched wood, and even after I removed the scratches I still wasn’t happy with the piece. The desk I used for the post looked better after I removed the scratches, but the color just didn’t match the rest of my decor (or my style). So that's when I decided to strip the stain and poly off of this furniture piece.

refinishing wood furniture to make it look new again with only 2 items

Refinishing Wood Furniture

Do you own a solid piece of wood furniture that used to look great but now it’s a little dinged up and worn? Do me a favor, don’t EVER get rid of it! I found a super easy and cheap (probably free if you have the items on hand) hack to restore wood. You will never guess the two household items that I used to refinish wood furniture to make it look new again.

decorating a mantel for any season

Decorating a Mantel

When it comes to my decor, you know I have two requirements; cheap and easy. You have probably noticed that I’m the queen at moving decor items around the house to re decorate rather than buying new. I wanted to share a few simple tricks on how to decorate a fireplace mantel, or shelf, for any season.Tell me the truth, are you overwhelmed when it comes to styling a space? I used to be. And then I learned a few easy tricks. Let me show you with an photo from Country Living.

painting laminate cabinets with no prep work part 2

Painting Laminate Cabinets

I. Do I need to write about Painting Laminate cabinets with NO prep work again? Yes, because this time I’ve used a different method for a few good reasons.Let’s go back to where this all began. When I painted the Island white, I used a couple coats of primer, milk paint, and a sealer. This method worked perfectly! You can see more details about this post HERE. I wanted to use the same method, but realized the milk paint did not come in the shade of gray I was looking for. Bummer. Now what?I shopped around and found the perfect color in a Benjamin Moore paint called Winter’s Gate. .Since I was painting the existing cabinets a slightly darker shade, I thought “do I really need a primer?”

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Answer DIY questions

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How do I build an Island w/storage cabinets?

We just bought a cute little house and the kitchen needs an island with storage cabinets. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm also going to be painting the kitchen cabinets and the trim. I'm playing with the thoughts of a lighter shade of Teal for the trim and the cabinet doors in a rustic red - maroonish color. Any thoughts on that?

q how do i build an island w storage cabinets

How can I makeover a pine wood staircase?

refinishing downstairs oak floors but steps are pine - what can I do to exposing wood to make more attractive?

q how can i makeover a pine wood staircase

How do I prepare this area for housing chickens?

Wondering how large of chicken coop for a dozen chickens? How large of area to fence in around coop? And if soft pine needles are good flooring for chickens?

q how do i preparethis area for housing chickens

How to replace floor with soft spots?

Dining room floor has several tiles that are braking and appear to be soft and falling in. It is occurring to tiles in a row at every 4' across the room. Does the floor need to be torn out or could a new subfloor be laid on top and then new flooring installed?

q how to replace floor with soft spots

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shabby chic pumpkins

Shabby Chic Pumpkins

This is not your typical pumpkin! Why do pumpkins need to be orange? Well in my house they don't, I wanted something that matched my farmhouse style so I designed these easy pumpkins that are rustic but elegant. So lets not waste time its October already, but these are fast and you can use them until Thanksgiving.

easy diy no sew pillow covers


I used to hear the term “no sew” and think it still required a lot of work. No joke, this little project only requires fabric tape, fabric and scissors. I’ve been on a fabric tape kick lately. I just finished a post about how to secure a duvet cover using fabric tape. I KNOW THERE ARE A lot of TUTORIALS ON HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN PILLOW COVERS, BUT SELFISHLY I THINK MINE IS THE EASIEST. Why, you ask? Because most of the tutorials require two cuts where this tutorial only requires one big piece of material.

how to add an antique gold finish with rub n buff

Gold Finish With Rub N’ Buff

You know how trends go in and out? I’m not normally one who follows them but I love this new gold look! I’ve found a great gold spray paint that I’ve used to transform a few furniture pieces. The gold spray paint is cool, but I’ve found an even easier and more effective way to add a gold finish to anything! I stumbled upon this product at Hobby Lobby for only $5.99, so I figured I would give it a try.

handmade halloween burlap jack o lantern

Handmade Halloween - Burlap Jack O Lantern

I belong to a Facebook group where people post pictures of things they have decorated. This woman posted a picture of her porch and it was decorated for Halloween. So cute. Amongst all her cute things were these burlap jack o lanterns and I asked her if she made them. She hadn't so I searched for them and I later found them online at AtHome. As luck would have it, it appeared that I had everything needed to make these so I thought I would give it a shot.

sliding barn doors, 5 Install

DIY Sliding Barn Doors

You can build custom barn doors for as little as $200. These doors will completely transform the look of any room or your entire home.

jack o lantern guitar

Jack-o-Lantern Guitar

A little history behind my latest creation. I went with my friend Susan to a little boutique in my town called The Dirt Road. As soon as I walked through the door, I was inspired at what I saw sitting on the table before me. The first thing that came to my mind was, “Heck, I could make that from one of the old guitars I have upstairs.” Therefore, I did. The photo below is of the wooden jack-o-lantern that inspired me.

Watch video tutorials

Rustic Felt Pumpkins

I love the looks of felt in the fall, it adds a cozy feel to the colder weather. So with that idea in my head I looked at the pile of sticks that we had from our recent tree trimming and thought, ohh this would look good together! Rustic pumpkin it is!

Front Door Halloween Scene Light Box

Being Halloween I wanted to make something new for our home. The idea behind the box was, on Halloween night I will hang it up on the door or in my front window to let the trick or treaters know they can get treats at our house.

Easy Crepe Paper Bat Halloween Garland

This halloween bat garland is SO easy, inexpensive, and fast to make! It's the perfect quick addition to your Halloween decor.

DIY Wood Plank Wall With Chalk Paint®

Ever since my husband I moved into our home we’ve been on a mission to make every space our own. We started in the dining room, moved into the living room; remodel our bathroom, and has now started tackling the master bedroom. For this space, we needed something big, something with a lot of character. After pondering my options I knew I needed an accent wall. Our home is being transformed with an industrial farmhouse vibe, so a wood plank wall would fit perfectly.