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how to reupholster a chair in 5 easy steps, How to Reupholster a Chair

How to Reupholster a Chair in 5 Easy Steps

Discover how to reupholster a chair! Just because a chair’s fabric is outdated or even ripped or...

budget friendly pantry makeover

Budget-Friendly Pantry Makeover

My mom's pantry wasn't looking too good and it was nearly impossible to find anything in there! So...

is it too early to be thinking about baseball

Is It Too Early to Be Thinking About Baseball?

My brother and sister-in-law were going to throw out this good, but odd shaped piece of wood. As...

kitchen transformation a complete makeover

Kitchen Transformation: A Complete Makeover!

A few years ago I had a wonderful idea to redo our entire kitchen. I had NO idea just how much work...

from crutches to a shelf or even a christmas tree

From Crutches to a Shelf or Even a Christmas Tree!

I saw on Pinterest how you can take old wooden crutches and make them into shelves that can either...

painting wood paneling opening up a wall in a small living room

Painting Wood Paneling & Opening Up a Wall in a Small Living Room

We purchased property with a small cottage as a vacation place in August 2018. The cottage was built...

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Is there a perennial I could plant that would choke out weeds?

I have a piece of property that I would like to see the weeds cooked...

q is there a perennial i could plant that would choke out weeds

How do I remove stains from a carpet?

I just moved in a new apartment that is all carpeted and my cat vomit...

q how to remove stain from carpet

How do I get rid of these rust marks?

I’ve tried bleach it doesn’t touch it thank you

q rust water runs in toilet

How can I cover a tile countertop?

Happy New Year everyone!!I have an old grimy tile countertop that is...

q anyone with experience covering tile countertop

How do I clean a muffin pan?

Accumulation of overspray from using Pam has left my muffin tin...

q what is the best way to clean muffin pan

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decorate your chandelier with christmas ornaments

Decorate Your Chandelier With Christmas Ornaments

Add some extra Christmas cheer to your dining room by using this simple decorating idea.

wine bottle to holiday vase

Wine Bottle to Holiday Vase

This project utilized a handful of materials that we had laying around our house. Empty wine...

how to make a sunburst mirror using wire rope

How to Make a Sunburst Mirror Using Wire Rope

Mirrors in decoration plays an important role. These are not usually installed or placed by pure...

antique cabinet redo

Antique Cabinet Redo

100 year old cabinet (or round about then) that needed some TLC . I did it once, twice, and by...

christmas decor 2018

Christmas Decor 2018

Sitting and gazing at the beautiful tree taking in all the smells, sights, sounds, beauty and...

office shelf to bar cart

Office Shelf to Bar Cart

I got this cart from an office I worked in years ago. They were remodeling and employees got to take...

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How to Buy and Install a Window Shade

After living in her house five years, Steph finally decided it was time to think about some kind of...

Small Living Room Ideas: Who Says Rugs Are Just for Floors!

I have a tiny living room (10 ft x 7.5 ft) but it does have one big blank wall that was screaming...

Don't Dispose of Old Blouses-T-Shirts !!! Evaluate

Make throw pillows out of t-shirts and blouses


I love making wreaths for all occasions, I also love getting all of my supplies from the Dollar...