mod shelf made with goodwill thrift store items

Mod Shelf Made With Goodwill Thrift Store Items

This mod shelf DIY is my version of an expensive designer furniture item.

4th of july diy photo backdrop

4th of July DIY Photo Backdrop

I feel like at most parties and weddings these day’s a photo booth has become just as essential as...

removal of pony half wall

Removal of Pony (Half) Wall

I'm at my sister's house again to remove her pony wall that separates her kitchen and dining room....

if cleaning your grout doesn t work try this

If Cleaning Your Grout Doesn't Work. Try This

Like many of you, I've tried every trick to get my grout to look clean. I clean my floors, I've...

patio door refresh

Patio Door Refresh

I just LOVE bright doors. I think they are a very cheery way to welcome people to your home. One...

painting upholstery on chairs, painted furniture, reupholster

Redoing Upholstered Chairs Without New Fabric

I had purchased 2 armless chairs last year, they were the items I HAD TO HAVE, but I change my decor...

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coffee bags chair, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, reupholster

Coffee Bags Chair

I love anything soft and romantic when it comes to decorating but then there are times when I find...

small bathroom redos painting mural floral, bathroom ideas, painting, wall decor

Tiny, Tiny Bath Storage and Color With SK

I have fun with tight spaces, especially baths. I have been known to go a little crazy with fun,...

grungy bathroom turned into spa oasis for just 200, bathroom ideas, outdoor living, spas

Grungy Bathroom Turned Into Spa Oasis for Just $200

I am a nortorius Thrifter and DIY queen lol. This is the story of how I turned water into wine on a...

a simple hexagon tile hack, bathroom ideas, how to, tiling

A Simple Hexagon Tile Hack

I fell in love with hexagon tile when we were building our house over four years ago. I loved the...

mid century modern bathroom reno, bathroom ideas, painting cabinets

Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Reno

My mid-century modern inspired bathroom renovation is finally complete! The original 1990s oak...

master bath redo wood staining general finishes java, bathroom ideas, diy, flooring, kitchen cabinets

Master Bath Redo...What's Next?

I had started a Master Bathroom project awhile ago and then got stuck! Not with what to do next, but...

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If you have a tendency to drink a lot of soda, chances are you have many soda cans in your house....

How to Glitter Upholstered Furniture With Out Cracking or Chipping

I found this chair at my local swap meet, it had a beautiful shape but dated 1980's upholstery...

vinyl siding corner post replacement

Vinyl Siding Corner Post Replacement

We recently purchased a home and the previous home owner damaged the vinyl siding corner post with a...

farmhouse staircase with chalk paint

Farmhouse Staircase With Chalk Paint®

For this project, the staircase, my husband told me to hire a company instead of trying to do this...