how to make pretty fabric covered flowerpots

How to Make Pretty Fabric Covered Flowerpots

We love to make homemade gifts for family and friends and think these pretty little fabric covered flowerpots fit the bill perfectly. They are simple and cheap to make but look fabulous paired with a lovely plant as a thoughtful gift.

diy striped glass plates

DIY Striped Glass Plates

With a dollar store glass plate and a little paint, you can create a budget-friendly, yet sophisticated glass plate perfect for your Holiday parties and tablescapes.

shiplap board and batten wall

Shiplap Board and Batten Wall

Shiplap doesn't have to cover an entire wall to create impact. We updated our boring entry way with shiplap and a wood accent.

upcycled fall art

Upcycled Fall Art

As you walk through a thrift store, let your mind wander. I love the art because someone took the time to create it so I love giving it new life that inspires me. So, I found a painting that reminded me of fall and made it new again.

quartz built in wall unit guest living area

Quartz Built in Wall Unit Guest Living Area

Walking into my home was once a boring experience, but the ambiance changed when I decided to build a very elegant and cozy quartz wall unit!! 😍

upcycle old kitchen cabinets to transform your space

Upcycle Old Kitchen Cabinets To Transform Your Space!

My kids are notorious for leaving their stuff laying around all over. Especially their coats and backpacks. My daughter tells me it is because she cannot reach the coat hangers in the closet to hang them up, so I solved that issue with this easy project. If you have some old kitchen cabinets lying around, or you know someone who is tearing some out, you can create these awesome coat and backpack hangers for next to nothing!

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Answer DIY questions

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Ideas for framing out recessed shelves?

I have this hole in the wall of my 1/2 bath where I removed a poorly placed medicine cabinet, and I'd like to replace it with a built-in shelf or niche (not sure what the difference is?). It's already framed by studs on either side, but the top and the bottom have a 2" gap between the wood and the wall. Not sure what's the best/easiest way to close it up and finish everything off. I'd like to keep as much of the existing space as possible. Ideas?

q ideas for framing out recessed shelves

What is the best way to paint 18 year old corian counters?

They are navy blue and scratched. Not my favorite color.

q what is the best way to paint 18 year old corian counters

How do we put firebrick in the firepit we plan to build?

We bought the stones at Lowe’s to build a firepit. But someone told us we should put fire brick down before we put the stones around. We had concrete poured and left a 3 foot circle in middle where we plan to build it. Below is the picture of what the ar a looks like. We had planned to just put pea gravel in bottom but not sure now about fire bricks and if we do a layer or a row or just not use then.

q how do we put firebrick in the firepit we plan to build

How do I remove glue from wood trim?

We pulled up the carpet and the nail strips. I think the nail strips were glued down and I haven’t been able to get that strip mark by the trim off the floor. My husband doesn’t want to redo the hardwood floors so my only option is to try to get the glue/marks off the hard wood. I read to try WD40 and that didnt work. We are going to paint the trim so I’m not worried abt the different colored part on that. Please help! I try to be a DIY but am not very handy!

q how do i remove this glue from around the trim is it glue

How do I remove a stuck PVC hose?

I'm trying to winterize my hot tub and I'm down to the last step and can't get the hoses off to drain and blow out any remaining water. I loosened the clamps and moved them away. And the manual says to twist back and forth while pulling...but that's not working for me! Maybe I'm not strong enough! I hope I don't have to hire someone to do this last step. Grrr

q anyone have a tip on how to remove a stuck pvc hose

Answer DIY questions

These hometalkers need your help!see all

How do I improve the lighting in our conservatory?

Glass roof conservatory... we have floor lamps but not enough light at night..... what would anyone recommend

q have more light on our conservatory

How do I identify this dahlia?

The squirrels dug and tossed the name tag on this little dahlia. Would love to know the name.

q how do i identify this dahlia

How do I decorate with a wine crate?

I have a beautiful Pine wine crate, that I've had for about 20 years. I lack the creativity to find a decorative use for it. Any suggestions? Thank you all in advance

q h how do i decorate with a wine crate

Does anyone know what tree this is?

Anyone know what kind of tree this is?

q tree id

Do you know the name of this flower?

I found this at a school garden, and I know it’s a perennial geranium, but not the name of this color blue.

q do you know the name of this flower

Watch video tutorials

Tufted Headboard Slip Cover

I love my traditional wooden headboard and wanted to keep it. I also wanted to lighten my bedroom. I decided to make a slip cover for the headboard so that I could go back to my wood look when ever I'd like to. So I got busy using two full sized foam mattress pads, 3 yards of fabric, a button making kit, upholsters needle and a little math...I was able to pull it off (literally, get it? slip cover? pull it off? ha ha) turn out really nicely.

diy paper christmas wreath

DIY- Paper Christmas Wreath

In this video we show you how to make an easy Christmas wreath with paper.

make your own soap then use it to make all your household cleansers

Make Your Own Soap, Then Use It To Make All Your Household Cleansers

When our youngest son was a baby, he had skin issues and we had to buy specific soaps, lotions & detergents that no one else in our family used. I finally decided to try my hand at making these things myself & had no idea how easy & inexpensive it would be.That was 8 years ago & now there’s no going back. The 1 thing that I hadn't done yet was make our soap.I just tried it for the 1st time this spring. I used a crock pot recipe that I found at DIY Natural. It really is the best way to get started making soap because it's so easy - there's no weighing or checking temperatures.The only reason I rated this as a medium project is because of the sodium hydroxide (lye). You DO have to be careful working with chemicals.This method took all the pressure away. You can see the original post at DIY Natural but I'll tell you what I used & you can watch the video below to see the process with full instructions below.

adding lights to art

Adding Lights To Art

I found this art piece on clearance for $5 and it's perfect for fall. I was at the Dollar Tree and saw the battery operated LED lights .... I knew just what to do with them! You can see more of my crazy creations here