An Easy Way to Stop Toilets From Contaminating Bathrooms With Infectious Bacteria

Matthew Gingerella
by Matthew Gingerella
According to a scientific article published on the National Institute of Health’s website titled: “Microbiological Hazards of Household Toilets: Droplet Production and the Fate of Residual Organisms” by Dr. Gerber et al.(1)
“Droplets produced by flushing toilets were found to harbor both bacteria and viruses which had been seeded. The detection of bacteria and viruses falling out onto surfaces in bathrooms after flushing indicated that they remain airborne long enough to settle on surfaces throughout the bathroom. Thus, there is a possibility that a person may acquire an infection from an aerosol produced by a toilet.”
(1) Accessed 2014 January 24 at
Reference Journal: Appl Microbiol. 1975 August; 30(2):229–237.
At least once we realize that flushing toilets with the Lid-Up creates a microbiological health risk in our bathrooms, to ourselves and to our families’, the solutions to the problem are fairly simple.
1. Put the Toilet Lid – DOWN – prior to flushing the toilet to prevent the Toilet Bacteria, Fungus, and Viruses from contaminating the bathroom.
2. Since the inside of the Toilet Lid and Seat will getting significantly contaminated by the aerosolized bacteria, fungi and viruses during the act of toilet flushing, then it is suggested that the seat and lid be Disinfected Frequently.
3. Finally,if your toothbrush sits out in the open in your bathroom, it is highly recommended that you replace it - immediately.
Stay healthy, Matthew
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