Basement Redo

by Dejayz
3 Weeks
Did the basement in phases but its was partially finished with its own bathroom but I will have to make do with the bathroom for now...cause to do it right is gonna cost $2000 for the bathroom.. I did pay someone to finish the ceiling in the front around the duct work cause I wasn't sure how to frame it out..all in all it looks alot better..
putting up sheet rock to finish the ceiling
This is the area I paid the contractor to do
finished area over the duct work
got rid of the 1960s red carpet on the steps
filled in the whole on the step
primed the fake white brick wall
did not put in new steps but did fill in holes and re-nailed and painted
painted red brick by about time consuming..LOL..but it was Thanksgiving and had nothing better to do..
same wall further done
then I re-nailed the steps and gave them a fresh coat of paint
laid down a new runner...picked a herringbone pattern...
my living room in the basement
living room from different angle
not sure what the glare is..but yet another angle..

took me about 3 weeks to do everything cause I had to do it in spare time.. I also have a bedroom down in the basement but that side just required some paint and my decorating touch..can only post 2 more pics so here is the bedroom area
pic of the bedroom
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