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Carolyn McAfee
by Carolyn McAfee
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I am definitely a fan of using paint to create a bold wall, like my son's fabulous hexagon wall, but let's be honest there are just patterns you can't create with paint. Enter wallpaper! I am a fan of wallpaper. My mother is the wallpaper queen and I grew up in a house where every wall was wallpapered.

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I hadn't ever used peel and stick wallpaper prior to this project. For the backstory on why I chose this peel and stick paper, and why now, visit my blog. For this post I'm going to stick to my process of actually using vinyl wallpaper.

Here is how our room looked before, well after the TV was taken out. It's pretty plain.

Tan walls, no real style. I had a clock hanging up, just because there was a nail in the wall. Again, I haven't made a real effort down here.

Prep was pretty easy, the walls are in pretty good shape. I took out nails, removed plug covers, dusted the ceiling and walls a little, it is the basement, so sometimes we have friends, in the form of spiders!

I got out my paper ( that I bought from Target), my level, my blade and my squeegie. It's just a piece of flexible plastic that I have from applying vinyl. It came in handy and I recommend having something like that for the smoothing process. I know you can get them at the hardware store, near the wallpaper.

I initially started along one wall, but quickly decided that wouldn't be the best move. I guess you could, but I do think it's best to start in the middle somewhere and work your way out. Starting from the corner on a wall, and leveling off the wall may not end with straight lines! Also I think for patterning it's best to work in the focal point area then move outward.

Good thing it's peel and stick right? I chose my spot, stuck the top part on and leveled along the long edge. I did not level from the ceiling, I used my level to make sure the long edge was level and straight. I worked in smaller pieces, or lengths, to help manage all the stickiness!

With wallpaper, as you continue on, it's all about matching the side seams. You get those matched up, lay your piece down and cut off the excess above and below. (I do have another wallpapering post on my blog for more tips.) 

This paper does have differing edges, to help with that. If your pattern doesn't seem to be matching, chances are you need to flip your paper the other direction to match. 

My main concern working with this type of paper was when it came to matching up the seams, and since I was working with smaller lengths there were a bunch of seams. I wasn't sure how forgiving it would be, if I could get a good match up and contact, or how easy it would be. My feelings? It's good stuff, on a flat wall, of course! I was able to match seams and it looks good! 

There was some patching to do at the end because I didn't want to buy a whole additional roll of paper. This wall took three packages.

Here is how it looks all finished! I love it!

Of course the room isn't done yet. Now I need to paint, and decorate. I've also switched the furniture around.

So, there it is, the focal wall wallpapered! Stay tuned for the finished product!

Have you used the peel and stick paper? Are you a fan?

Read this guide for more tips on how to apply peel and stick wallpaper!

Suggested materials:
  • Vinyl wallpaper   (Target)
  • Level   (Lowes)
Carolyn McAfee
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