Monique Daviau
by Monique Daviau
I started working with live edge wood last summer and I just love it. I also have a few wood strumps that I will work one this comming summer. But this winter I also found a passion to do stuff for pets. I've already posted a Live Edge dog feeding station, and a cat scratcher with tweety mice.
Now I'm offering you a cat feeder and sign with live edge wood but made from a small sewing bench. Hope you enjoy it.
I got this little bench for $10.00 online, from a local site that you can buy and sell from. Sorry I did not take any photos when I dismatled it, but all I did was unscrewed the top and the legs.
I mesured my live edge plank to the right width and depth. I treeted it with my special oil that is safe for pets and children.
You can see the natural stryations in the wood. I had the holes made by my wood supplierand it also cut it to my mesurements, as I don't have the right equipment for this yet. I srewed it in place with the existing inges. Now you ca lift it and there is enough space for cat toys or treets.
The wood I used for the name sign was the piece that was cut off to get the right width, so it has the same stryations and the live edge from the back of the piece. Samba is the name of my daughter's dog, it was just to demonstrate the place to right your cat's name.
This cute little image came for my research on the net, and I just could'nt resist it. I just printed it and cut it to size. I put a carbon paper underneath, traced it and colored it with markers.
I hammered a frame thing a majig in the back and now you can hang it on the wall over the feeding station. All that is missing is writting your cat's name and spoilling your pet.
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