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Rachel Metz
by Rachel Metz
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Once I got my baby girl that you saw here - I knew that I had to make her a bed she could be by me in my workshop in my garage. You don't need to add the wheels but it definitely helps if you have a workshop dog that you don't want to wake up because they look so dang cute but you need to get to your table saw behind them! Remember that sharing is caring so comment all your ideas down below of what you'd add or do differently.
Gather all your materials! List below.
Step 1: Measure Your Pallet to Fit Your Dog I started off by making my mark of where I wanted to cut my pallet. There won’t be exact measurements since everyone’s pet size varies. I literally put my English bulldog on it to measure it! 
The smaller portion will be used for the headboard
Step 2: Cut the Pallet! Then I cut the pallet. Please note that I am a new to this power tool world, so bare with me as I execute this DIY the way that worked for me. If you don’t have power tools, where there’s a will there’s a DIY way! (Plus, you can easily rent tools from The Home Depot.) I used my reciprocating saw and cut where I made my mark.
Step 3: Sand the Pallet Down!
Step 4 (Optional): Personalize the Headboard This is totally optional, but I wanted to add a personal touch, so I went ahead and painted her name to the headboard before moving onto attaching the pieces together.
Step 5: Screw the Headboard Pieces Together Tip: make sure you have the proper wood screw length on hand! I realized I didn’t have the screws that were long enough to go through the original depth of the board on the back of the headboard so I had to figure out a solution. I didn’t have the proper power tool on hand to cut it so I went back to my reciprocating saw and just used that to cut it down.
Step 6: Attach the Headboard to the Dog Bed I propped the headboard up as it would normally go, then screwed in my wood screws through each support beam on the back of the bed.
Step 7: Cut Side Pieces Since I had extra pallet pieces, I put them up along the side where couch arms would go. Then I marked, cut and sanded them.
Step 8: Glue and Screw the Side Pieces Screw in screws through the back of the headboard piece into the arm.
Step 9: Attach Corner Braces Attach two corner braces to each arm on the inside.
Step 10: Attach Casters
Throw a blanket or mattress on top and you’re done! Want to add some storage? It’s easy to find bins that fit right in those pallet slots! I love how this pallet dog bed turned out. The best part: I’m able to keep her by my side when she’s sleeping since I can move her with me without waking her up. Happy dog, happy life right?
Check out a detailed video tutorial over on my YouTube channel! Happy DIY'ing!
Suggested materials:
  • Drill   (Home Depot)
  • Reciprocating saw   (Home Depot)
  • Orbit sander   (Home Depot)
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  • Patty Patty on Jan 05, 2019

    I’ve been looking for a good illustrated guide to make a sweet bed for my girl Riley. Thanks for posting this!! I think the only thing I’d do different is either paint or stain.

  • Dani Hyde Dani Hyde on Nov 18, 2020

    My Dogs and cats Would all flip Out n not sleep though me moving them. Ur lucky to have a baby that doesn’t care lol

    cute idea. Be a great thing further along after crate training for my pups to learn lay down in and chill out