DIY Tiki Bar

Sue Purdy
by Sue Purdy
While browsing around at the party supplies store, I came across some amazing luau party decor ideas. One of them was this adorable tiki bar set up. I looked at the price tag, and was shocked to see that the cost was $45.00 (just for the plastic tiki bar frame).
My wheels started spinning, and my newest DIY project took shape, as I knew I could create something equally as cool, but for a fraction of the price.
I knew there was some scrap wood in my husband’s mancave, so I cut 6 pieces. Two of them were approx. 4.5 feet; two were approx. 3.5 feet, and the last two were cut on an 45 degree angle to create the thatched roof. The last two were cut to approx. 13 inches. Total cost tally so far: $0.00.
Once I glued and screwed my pieces together, I decided it needed extra stability, so I added a brace piece across about 5 inches from the bottom. They pieces I used are different sizes, since I was just using what scrap wood I had on hand. Total cost tally: still $0.00.
Next, I decided I wanted to paint the bar frame a fun colour. I wanted it to be pink, but I didn’t have any pink paint on hand, so I had to bite the bullet and buy some. Total cost tally: $1.00.
Once it was all painted, I attached some bamboo using jute twine to make the roof. I purchased the bamboo at the dollar store for $2.50.

Total cost tally: $3.50.
Here is a better pic of the almost finished tiki bar. Oh gosh….house is a mess….avert your eyes….avert your eyes. Lol.
For the thatched roof, I used child’s size hula skirts. Also from one of my favourite stores of course. They were a dollar each.

Total cost tally: $7.50.
For the roof, I used a large cardboard box, and duct taped the hula skirts to the roof, leaving a little overhang. Then, the bar was simply placed on a hall table, a few more Hawaiian items were added, and the tiki bar was done.
The kids were absolutely smitten with it. I actually wasn’t able to snap any pictures without a kid in it, because it was constantly in use. The kids all wanted a turn being the "bartender" throughout the party, and it ended up being a fun and unexpected backdrop for photos. I took a pic of each party guest behind the tiki bar alone, and then one with the birthday girl. It was hilarious. Check out my blog for more DIY and decorating ideas.
Sue Purdy
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