How To Create a Stunning Candy/Dessert Bar

Marilyn Viruet-Bradley
by Marilyn Viruet-Bradley
Looking to add a signature piece to your special event? We'll show you how to create a stunning decorative centerpiece that will have your guests gushing about your decorating and event planning techniques. Are you ready to learn a few simple steps that will have you looking like a pro? Well here we go....
There are a few steps to follow to create a glam station:

1. Choose the base that would serve as your table for your station. This can be just about anything that is properly grounded, balanced, with the proper support, get creative. You can use a standard table, dresser, buffet table, or a piece of plywood with proper leg support. If your table lacks charm then a table covering is recommended. You can use inexpensive sheets, fabrics, and even a bed skirt for an extra touch. Lace bed skirts will give your design a wow factor! Great for weddings, baby showers, shabby chic, and girlie themes.
2. Scout the perfect place to place your station. You can use elements already available in the space to incorporate into your design. Not limited to mirrors, wall art, architectural elements, skyline view, your own crafty creations, or backdrop design.
3. Start planning your design by choosing your color scheme and theme. You can often use items found in nature or things you may have at home that you can repurpose in order to reduce costs and enhance your creativity. This is a great opportunity to personalize your table with pictures, labels, monograms, etc..
4. Choose the desired glassware, plates, and fixtures that will bring your design to life. White plates in different sizes and styles will give your design a nice touch. This will allow the coloring of the different candies and desserts to play a main role in your color scheme and theme. Now, this is where symmetry comes into place. Create an imaginary line down the middle of your table splitting the table in half or into two equal parts. In the center you can place your highest piece that would be your focus point. Place your dinnerware or plates equally on each side. You will need to duplicate what you do on one side to the other with this particular design. Note, this design technique is recommended for square, rectangular, or semi circular shaped tables that you would place against a wall or backdrop. Not recommend for round or square tables in the middle of a room with a 360 degree view.

5. The next step is to incorporate height. Recommend not necessary. You can use foam board and dress them up with wrapping paper and ribbons to glam up your station and incorporate your color scheme.
5. Place your desserts and candies in your glass fixtures or plates creating a beautiful masterpiece. Make sure to label each item. You can also be creative with the labelling and signage. Your can have fun with it, and personalize your labels to match the theme and occasion. This is a great time to accessories. Garlands infront of your table will provide a nice touch as well.
Hope you enjoyed this Stylish Party Idea. Your comments , questions, and suggestions are welcomed. Share your pictures if you decide to create a candy or dessert bar. Would love to see your creations.

This is not a SPI table design but it gives a good representation of the design technique illustrated on this post. Please join us on January 19th at 1pm for a FB Live where I will show you how to dress your own dessert table. Hope you tune in!🎀
If you want step by step instructions on how to create this masterpiece using household items. Check our Hometalk Live that aired January 19th at 1pm. Hope you like it.
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