How do we do a self remodeling project on our basement?

Teena Gunn
by Teena Gunn

This is our first home so we know nothing about remodeling or having a finished basement. We would love to do this ourselves because all of our funds have been exhausted pretty much, so hiring contractors would be out of the question. What would be the first thing to get to start the project. We just want to put up walls and partition off sections. Like dividing the laundry area from the tool area and the exercise area from the tv area. Just something simply. Thanks.

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  • Dee Dee on Jul 10, 2018
    First make sure that the basement is waterproofed. Then you can build frames for the rooms that you want.Make sure you have good electrical connections, and a drain for your laundry room. After the framing is up, you can sheetrock or pannel the walls. I would then do the flooring.

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Jul 10, 2018
    Hi Teena! I would do some self-education before attempting anything. There are videos, TV shows, books and magazines that contain a lot of important info. Also some free classes at Home Depot for one. You will need some basic tools like a hammer, saw, utility knife, level and a shop vac and vwill all be wise investments. For a partition you will need 2x4's, sheetrock, sheetrock nails or screws, spackle, a spackling knife, etc. First off, is your basement dry? If you have dampness, address that before blocking off the air flow you have, leading to ruined materials. How about ceiling height? Many basement ceilings are open so you have access to the pipes, wiring, etc. You can't block access. How about lighting? Is there enough wiring to handle outlets you'll need? Do you have friends or family that could provide some hands on experience to help you, in exchange for a meal and help in return? Measure out the areas you want to partition off with tape to see how the idea in your heads will translate into a change in the space. Measure, budget and plan until you know exactly what you need and are ready to start. Wear safety glasses and gloves while working. Ear protection for cutting wood or drilling. Wear sturdy shoes to work in and protective clothing. Hurting yourself will only lead to more expense and most can be prevented. Here is something to get you started:

  • Oliva Oliva on Jul 10, 2018

    Check with your insurance company, as well. Some do not provide coverage for finished basements, in event of flooding, etc. Check with your municipality to make sure you aren't required to have a permit.

  • Joy Elizabeth Joy Elizabeth on Jul 10, 2018
    You might look into large shelving that acts as a partition wall, or ready-made partition walls if you're just looking for something quick and simple. Basement partition walls can be tricky going around plumbing, wiring and such.