Asked on Jul 28, 2017

How would I make a cat bed/hideout with this end table?

Please help. My cats keep going in my end table so I figured why not just make it for them instead of throw it away. I don't know how to make one. Any ideas please?
q how would i make a cat bed hideout with this end table
Looks the same all three sides.
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  • 2dogal 2dogal on Jul 28, 2017
    How cute. What an observant, loving cat mom!
    I'd get a foam pad and cut it to the dimensions of the table because of the angles. Then I'd cover it with toweling so you can take if off and wash it when needed. If not, just a pillow would do. Or if it's the right size, put a cat bed in there. I wouldn't try to hide or cover any of the openings if they already seem to like it the way it is.
    Since they already go in there, you probably won't have to do anything else to let them know it's their place, but you could place a couple catnip mice in there for them.

  • on Jul 28, 2017
    If your cats are like any of my six, as soon as you create a wonderful place for them to lie down in , they will move to another spot. Try putting a towel or pet bed in the shelf first, to see if they stay or move on because you have altered it.

  • Mil14255899 Mil14255899 on Jul 29, 2017
    looks like thee may not be room for regular cat beds but you could paint it a fun color and use sisal rug remnants and make a floor for them to scratch and rub their scent on. also some fun curtains on the side would be cute too. your cats will like whatever ou do they have already picked this spot out...

  • Ms_9030076 Ms_9030076 on Jul 29, 2017
    I think I would get two throw rugs from Dollar Tree, cut them in the same shape as the shelf and use velcro dots to adhere them to the shelf. That way you can pull them out and wash them when needed. For them to scratch, I would get a wooden dowel and cut two pieces to size for one shelf, wrap them in jute twine and attach them to the bottom shelf side by side with enough space in between for the cats to rub on both sides if they wanted to go between them. I might also paint the outside, take the knobs off and attach a cat toy instead on both sides.

  • Patricia Rhodes Lasome Patricia Rhodes Lasome on Jul 29, 2017
    You could take the handles off and glue rugs or carpet remnants on the sides. Then put cushions/ beds to inside. You could even screw dowels to top, cover with sisal rope ( as stated by another crafter above) and let the kitties enjoy!!!!!

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    • Judy Pietras Judy Pietras on Jul 30, 2017
      A dowel is a round piece of wood that you can purchase at any hardward or building supply store. They come in different widths from 1/8th inch around to as much as 2 inches around or more and can be cut to any length you want. They are usually about 2 to 3 ft long. the sisel can also be purchased at the same place. it is a jute type of rope that you would wrap around the dowel rods for the cats to scratch on. Hope this helps.

  • Bonnie Henderson Edwards Bonnie Henderson Edwards on Jul 29, 2017
    If it's really roomy (can't tell how big it is) you may want to take the shelf out to make a 'pass thru' and block one opening on the bottom and the alternate one on the top shelf. It would be more work, but it might stimulate them a little.

  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on Jul 29, 2017
    Yes. Something soft that you can clean for the shelves. I would also try stapling or double-stick tape to hang sheer fabric or beading or something to give them a hiding feeling. Or, perhaps a dangling toy at each level from that front lip.

  • Michelle Michelle on Jul 29, 2017
    All the above ideas are great I would trace the top and make a cat bed to put on top

  • Danielle Odin Danielle Odin on Jul 29, 2017
    I would let them have it as is for a while. Then put a towel or rug in it. If they still accept it, I would paint it and remove the hardware. then put the same towel or rug in it. Once you know they are happy with it, you can put a cushion and you could cover the outside to give them a scratching area and I would hang some string with fun things on the opening creating a sort of curtain that they could swat and play with. Cats hate change so you can do it a little at a time and they may forgive you.

  • Sue Noddy Sue Noddy on Jul 29, 2017
    I would make gradual changes, or you may find that they no longer use it when it is really 'theirs'. lol. So, a soft bed on top because cats like to be high up could be made from a covered pool noodle and old sweater. Hang a cat toy inside in line with the door edges (or two). Take a good thick cardboard roll or piece of PVC pipe and cover with sisal, rope or carpet and attach in the bottom hole on a slant for a scratch post; perhaps put a curtain on one of the openings, Maybe a little cat wallpaper on the doors? however I would do it in stages as I said.

  • NancyMaria NancyMaria on Jul 30, 2017
    I did the same thing. Put a foam pad with cover inside, for you put two in. If this is out of the way, you could make the doors/walls scratch posts. One way would be to remove handles and drill holes, the diameter of jute twine or rope, on both sides of those outside loops and tread and wrap the twine around (think shoe laces but closer together. Or cut and clue carpet remnants on them. Then when done toss in a little cat nip, and rub some on the scratch areas and they will come.
    You could mount little curtains with tie backs to the entrance for cuteness.