Asked on Jun 09, 2014

I need help improving/defining my recycled grill to garden/potting ben

Kelly S
by Kelly S
This is my old grill minus all the insides that I use as a potting bench, the dirt falls through the grate and into a bin. I also use it as my spray paint area hence the pink overspray on the right hand side. How can I make it look more like a gardening item and less like a grill? Funky junking or steampunk bits and pieces is what I'm leaning towards.
i need help improving defining my recycled grill to garden potting ben, gardening, outdoor living, How do I make it look more like a gardening item and less like a grill
How do I make it look more like a gardening item and less like a grill?
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  • Therese C Therese C on Jun 09, 2014
    Remove the grate and pour potting soil into the well for ease of access. You could also close the bottom in with wood like a cabinet, and paint the whole thing. By using the well for potting soil, you can set a pot on the side and close the top over the soil when you are finished.

  • Kelly S Kelly S on Jun 09, 2014
    Thanks for the answers, but I'm still hoping for more ideas. The rt door came off last week and I just haven't put it back on. I also use this to wash off my garden harvest so I just replace the blue recycle bin with my black concrete mixing bin to catch the water then I put the water and dirt back on the garden.

  • Gladys Gladys on Jun 10, 2014
    You might try to incorporate something else into it, for more storage ,and also to make it more funky. Perhaps an old door or a side table(s) so you could hang or store your garden tools, pots etc. Also, instead of using it as a multi-purpose bench (like for your spray painting), you could probably set up something else that's cute, just for the painting, and have it further from your house in case of spray carrying on a windy day etc. Just painting these items with funky colors will help to take away the "grill look". On Google images I saw some really cute potting stations made from grills. It's a nice big grill, so you have many possibilities. Be sure to post a pic when you're finished. Would love to see what you come up with.

  • Leslie Long Leslie Long on Jun 10, 2014
    Perhaps removing the lid, removing the knobs and turns behind it, and removing the doors. Then I would paint it dark green or some other color. This will make it more of a table and less of a grill! Good luck :)

  • 310539 310539 on Jun 10, 2014
    I agree with Leslie, remove the lid. And remove the grate, see if the doors, without the handles, will fit into where the grate is,

  • Kelly S Kelly S on Jun 14, 2014
    @FunkyJunk Interiors - Donna , what are you ideas. I like the lid because I can close it over small paint items and let it dry overnight with no dust getting on them. I was thinking of hooks where the knobs were but needing something.

  • Colleen Colleen on Jun 14, 2014
    Could you hang the grill under the"wings" for added shelving? Drill the holes where the knobs were a little larger and place "S" hooks to hang small baskets for garden stuff (easily removable), and spray paint all one color to give it a complete look.

  • That's a tough one Kelly! I love what you've done so far. The dirt dropping down to the bin is genius! What if you suspended by small jack chain a couple of gym locker baskets underneath both sides of the left and right to hold spray cans or gardening materials? And maybe attach an older, aluminum rain gutter section across the front to hold extra spray cans or your gardening tools. That'll tie the whole piece more into the backyard and mother nature. Please post pics and link me whenever you figure out what you want to do so I can see. Good luck Kelly!

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    • @Kelly S Great ideas are sprouting! That grease tray would probably fill in too quick. Maybe cut a large circular hole in the bottom of the grease tray to hold that basin you were talking about. Lift the grate out of the way when you want to put the basin in. Then drill another small hole at the bottom of the basin that a rubber plug will fit so you can drain it easily. Good luck!