Bathroom Makeover

I really hated my bathroom, it was so outdated and wasted a lot of water. I had planned to wait to do this job until I was ready to do the tub surround with stone tile (that wil be another project this spring) but the toilet started to leak. I decided that if I have to pull up the toilet, I'm going to replace it with a water saver and re-do the floor while I'm at it. It just kind of snowballed from there, lol. I ripped out the old vanity & sink, then removed the backsplash. I had to do some repairs to the wall where the backsplash had been because it tore some of the drywall in spots and left glue and some sort of fabric in other spots. Once the repairs were done, I painted to room a light mint green to contrast the darks that were going to be put in the small room. Once the paint was nearly dry, I started on the floor. I chose vinyl for the ease of installation, as I have never done floors before. I also chose to glue it so I don't have trouble with the moisture loosing the adhesive later. I then put in new trim and installed the toilet. I had to have a plumber come replace the old faucet shut off valves. Once that was done, I installed the most beautiful vanity I have ever seen, installed the granite counter, vessel sink and oil-rubbed bronze faucet. I am so happy with the results!! It only took me a weekend from start to finish!
This is before, out-dated old and worn out
I tore out the old vanity, sink, backsplash & toilet
I repaired the wall where the backsplash was, primed, painted a minty green and laid new flooring-12" marble look vinyl tile. I also added new trim
After, new toilet, vanity, sink & faucet, floors. I'm very happy with the results and it only cost me about $800
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