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My Husband, brother and his two friends, 1 is a plumber and the other a tile setter took on the task of a total gut job. We closed off the back bathroom door and redesigned the small bathroom. Project took longer than we anticipated due to a serious health issue, our friend who does the tile had. We started tearing off old tiles and wall mid Aug and finished the project mid Oct, thanks to our neighbors who let us use their bathrooms! I must admit I had no idea how expensive bathroom material cost and I have that champagne taste on a beer budget. I ended up with a glass shower door with what they called a rain look, so I had a cabinet in the room with a louver door, that I repurposed by finding a glass CO. who was able to match up the glass to look like the shower door. I also had a steel frame door that I wanted to look like wood, so I mixed stain, paint and glaze to achieve the wood look. The wood tool did not work, so I used brush strokes to get the look and also use it for the cabinet trim, floor trim and floor vent. and the window trim, which I then polyurethaned. After sealing off the back bathroom door, I had to come up with something to cover the new wall and I knew I would not be able to match up the faux paint job done 12 years ago, so I saw these faux brick panels at Menards for $25.00 each I purchased 6 of them and did one wall first in my living room, which I posted on Hometalk a month or so ago. I also took the two drawers from the old bathroom vanity and made shadow boxes out of them by spray painting and adding some material to the inside. The little sitting room I have in the back of the house needed a pop of color and they turned out just fine. I hope you like my remodel, we are thrilled with the out come.
We started by gutting areas of the bathroom at a time, so we didn't have to order a dumpster.
Louver door that probably had 5 or more coats of different paint on it....I tired to remove it, but I couldn't get it all off so we sawed off all the slates and sanded it down.
We took out the old vanity and medicine cabinet, gutted the area to the studs.
for over a month in a half all we had in there was the shower. Our tile friend, lost a son, had heart surgery and then his back went out. This really delayed the project, but we survived, thanks toour neighbors who let us use their shower.
Prepping the new shower area
Put plastic up to contain the heat from the attic and going throught the rest of the house...It was in the high 90's

As you can see we sealed off that back door and built a wall to cover it, we used some 2x4 before the drywallers came, we also reinforced parts of the walls for the grab bars...we also put concrete and rubber floor pan before tiling.
Completion of shower
completion of inside shower
staind the window frame dark and put a stained glass in the window for a pop of color in the shower to break up all the beige, brown, tan stain piece was purchased at Chloe Tiffany-style Victorian Design Round Window Panel
I went to a glass and mirror CO called Chatham and had a glass made for the louver cabinet that was there, after taking out the louvers and sanding, I made up a stain, paint and glaze mixture to give the wood a dark almost burnt look, which I also used on the metal door frame to make that look like wood and then I did all the floor trim & floor register...polyurethaned everything for protection to moisture.
Everything put back together, picked out a bold green color for the walls (Tansey Green) Sherwin Williams...I did receive some negative comments from family and friends, but if you ever saw their homes, you can tell they have no to each their own.
The original back door to the bathroom that was sealed off
Used a faux brick paneling to cover the the new wall and the existing back wall, I knew I would never be able to recreate the faux finish on the walls in the den. After that was done I definitely needed a pop of color. I had those two paintings in another room.
I used the two drawers from the old bathroom vanity to make shadow boxes, I spray painted the out side a turqoise, put two new door knobs and spray painted the inside white...needed a little something, so I had material left from the pillow and I cut to pieces out to fit the back and glue them with a spray glue...Wah La...I also made them a keep sake, in one box I put a picture of my father and his old spice shaving mug with original brush, cleaning tool and shavers, there's even an unopened box of razors....In the other box I have a picture of my mother and father when they were first married and I have a small vase of dried flowers from their funerals, they still smell wonderful.
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  • Caseyem11 Caseyem11 on Nov 06, 2017
    Where did you find your vanity? I have been looking for one with an offset sink. The bathroom looks great. Well worth the time and effort.

  • Linda Brace Linda Brace on Nov 06, 2017
    Absolutely LOVE what you have done. Looks amazing!!!! May I ask how wide and deep is your new shower?

  • Catherine Geis Catherine Geis on Nov 10, 2017
    we have 2 bathrooms to renovate. Could I ask what the room dimensions are, and what the layout is? A crude drawing of the placements of the toilet, sink and shower would suffice. I love what you did! Now if I could just get my hubby to start.........

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