Bathroom Remodel

Rachel Z
by Rachel Z
Bare bones to complete renovation
Flooring is down
Walls up
New drywall
Last section to do before adding sink
New mirror & lighting
Drywall above shower
New sink bracket for wall mounted sink is up :)
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  • This is a very common thing to find. This is why us contractors charge so much as we all know what were going to find when we open up walls. Its the low ball guys that hit the owners with extras that do not include this stuff in their quote. In any case keep us posted on your work and keep the photos coming. We love to see these things in progress. The last thing I would say to keep the job moving ahead, is to keep the area clean while you work. After every day, no matter how tired you are. Clean and sweep up when your done. Put the tools away also. This makes the next days job so much easier which keeps you motivated to move ahead.

  • Lookin' good @Rachel Z Do you have any progress photos?