Painting With Cabinet Enamel: Budget Bathroom Makeover Part 2.

by Meg
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Next up in my budget bathroom redo was repainting the vanities. If you missed part one, which was the sharpie tile and arches, you can find it here: FAUX Tile With a Paint Pen + ARCHES: Budget Bathroom Makeover Part 1.

I had some Behr Cabinet and Trim enamel left over from when we did my sisters vanity last year and have been in love with the color ever since.

This is Behr: The Real Teal.

I started by removing the hardware, filling the holes, and cleaning the vanities with a degreaser.

Once clean, I prepped them with bullseye primer. If the old paint had been in poor condition, I would have sanded, but since it was fine, I skipped that.

After letting the primer dry for a few hours, I started with my first coat of enamel. I did not take my cabinet doors off because I didn't feel the need to, and while this may be a no no, I can paint around the hinges and it works just fine for me.

I prefer to use enamel on cabinets because it dries to a super durable, hard finish that is easily cleaned with water.

This color makes me so happy

When painting with enamel, its important to do multiple thin even coats with proper dry time in between. Behr says at least 2 hours but I have worked with others that say 8 hours, just make sure to read your label.

I do the first coat with a brush (linked my fave ergonomic brush here) to be sure that I get into all the nooks and crannies. My second and third coat are done with a foam roller to make it super smooooth.

Enamel does not need a top coat but you are welcome to do one if you feel you need to. Ive had great experience without one.

Once everything has cured (the cure time will also be on the label) you can add your hardware. I am using these and these.

I put them on the vanity in our other bathroom and I just love them. They look like jewelry for your cabinets!

You can see that post here:

Once those were on, I was finished with the vanities.

After that, I just added a couple of finishing touches like a plant and some art.

Now I'm on the hunt for the perfect light fixtures and faucet and rugs. And I need to switch out that other door knob 😆

Here is a short recap video on my Instagram:

Click Here.


While these countertops are not my style and I'd love to change them, this was a BUDGET makeover and new counters are not in the plan for now. I've thought about painting them to look like marble, but they are perfectly good granite and I can't bring myself to paint over granite. So they work just fine for me for now. Loving what I have until I can have what I love.🖤🖤🖤



Suggested materials:
  • Behr Cabinet Enamel   (Home Depot)
  • Bullseye Primer
  • Paintbrush
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