1. Sand, Smooth, and Add Some Chalk Paint

As every DIY enthusiast knows, it’s surprising what a lick of paint can do for items in need of improvements. Hometalker Jenni Ingram provides a perfect example of this, courtesy of her smart and stylish bathroom sink cabinets. Transformed with sanding, smoothing, and a single coat of paint, she’s turned outdated features into chic and sophisticated interior accessories.     Get tutorial here

2. Opt for Pale and Interesting

It’s amazing how dating the wrong color cabinets can be, but the good news is that adapting your palette can make all the difference to the appearance of your bathroom. For just $100, Pat Rios used de-glosser, an oil-based primer, and some white paint to enhance and uplift her entire interior aesthetic.    Get tutorial here

3. Go from Drab to Dazzling with Grey and Silver

Sometimes, budgetary restrictions mean you can’t do as much as you would like to, but you’d be surprised by how little it takes to improve any interior. Faced with such a predicament, Hometalker Ashley Harding used two coats of Behr’s Elephant Skin paint, plus some new silver hardware, to turn her bathroom storage cabinets into a glamorous addition to her home.  Get tutorial here

4. Perfect Repainted Bathroom Storage Cabinets with Primer and Sealer

If you need any more proof of the amazing changes a fresh coat of paint can achieve, look no further than this gorgeous makeover. Hometalker Alyssa's project took no time at all to achieve, thanks to using primer and sealer rather than sanding. This, combined with a new color scheme, instantly transformed the look of her corner bathroom cabinet.  Get tutorial here

5. Add Some Beachy Vibes to Your Bathroom Wall Cabinet

There are times when bathroom cabinets can be in perfect condition but still manage to look boring. You don't need to replace them, but you want to improve them nonetheless. By following in the footsteps of this Hometalker, you can! Using navy blue chalk paint brushed over with a lighter color, Crafty McDaniel turned bland to beachy and spent just $30 in the process.   Get tutorial here

6. Create a Rustic Look with Wax and Sealer

When you’re working with a small space and a limited budget, it can be tricky to reproduce the sort of highbrow look you like best. Hometalker Heather Paulding didn’t let this stop her, however. Adding a coat of gray chalk paint to her cabinets, she used sealer and dark wax to pull out lots of little details and create the rustic aesthetic she was dreaming of.  Get tutorial here

7. Transform Your Color Palette for a Look You’ll Love

Sometimes, there’s nothing at all wrong with your interior – it just isn’t very you. This is the problem Hometalker Chandra ran into, and her gorgeous solution is simple yet effective. Investing in a furniture paint that had added melamine components for durability, she applied three coats of gray, spray painted her hardware, and transformed the aesthetic of her bathroom.     Get tutorial here

8. Turn Puffy Particle Board into Perfectly On-trend Using Fabric

Certain surfaces are too slick for paint to stick to, as Hometalker Debbie discovered when she wanted to improve the look of her outdated cabinets. Fortunately, she came up with an ingenious solution. Covering the wood in fabric, she painted over her doors with Mod Podge satin, added some new knobs, and created this much-improved interior accessory.   Get tutorial here

9. Use Stencils to Create an Original and Artsy Aesthetic

Bathroom wall cabinets have a highly practical purpose, but that doesn’t mean they need to be boring. If you want to transform them into a work of interior art, follow in the footsteps of Royal Design Studio and invest in some custom vinyl stencils. Prep, paint, and add patina, and you can uplift the entire aesthetic of your bathroom with this gorgeous look.  Get tutorial here

10. Turn Up the Vintage Glam of Your Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

One of the funny things about wood is how dramatically dated it can make your interior appear. While it might have been the height of fashion when you installed it, it often ends up needing an overhaul, and Hometalker Samantha shows us how it’s done. Using chalk paint, ribbon, and a couple of old doilies, she created this beautiful retro look for her bathroom mirror cabinet.   Get tutorial here

11. Add a Cute Contact Paper Backdrop

If you have a plain cabinet that’s fit for purpose but far from fashionable, one easy way to transform it is by adding a contact paper backdrop, a la this Hometalker. Spending a mere $10 on her dramatic makeover, she cleaned out her cabinet, added this pretty backing, and got her hands on some organization containers to help make the most of the space.  Get tutorial here

12. Turn Plain and Boring into Chic and Stylish

Sometimes, fixtures fall on the wrong side of outdated versus fashionably old, and the best thing you can do is to give them a gentle push onto the latter side of that fine line. That’s what Hometalker Sonja did when she turned a plain and aged medicine cabinet into a chic and stylish bathroom wall cabinet for her home, using just wire, chalk paint, and some cute new hardware.   Get tutorial here

13. Transform Old Wood into a Bathroom Wall Cabinet

People looking to transform their cabinets tend to use existing furnishings and give them a glow up. However, there’s nothing to say that you can’t upcycle old wooden storage chests, boxes, or even suitcases, a la Hometalker Horia. These quirky inventions can make gorgeous vintage-style wall or even corner bathroom cabinets to add that special something to your interior.    Get tutorial here

14. Add Some Extra Storage Space

When it comes to bathroom storage cabinets, you can never have too much storage space. This clever Hometalker came up with an ingenious way to not only create a little extra room, but incorporate a unique and quirky feature too. All it took was some heavy-duty oak, a drill, and a mere three hours of her time!    Get tutorial here

15. Optimize Space by Installing Additional Features

If there’s one thing that really pulls a bathroom down, it’s having your garbage can in plain sight. While these are undoubtedly useful to have around, it’s much better for them to be hidden - and with some clever alterations to a bathroom sink cabinet, it’s easier than you think. All you need is plywood, paint, and an hour of your time.     Get tutorial here

16. Stack and Style Small Cabinets

When you’re working with a small interior, it can be difficult to accommodate multiple bathroom cabinets. In these situations, many turn to a corner bathroom cabinet solution, but Hometalker Valerie came up with a simple and stylish fix when she turned these two cupboards into a single storage tower using just a jigsaw, wood filler, and a coat of white paint. Get tutorial here

17. Use Old Wood and Hardware to Create a Completely Original Cabinet

If you’re lacking a bathroom cabinet you love, why not make one from scratch? As this talented DIYer shows, all you need is some old wood and recycled hardware, and you’re good to go. She used recycled boards from a tumbledown barn and the handles from a disused laminate cupboard to create a look that’s retro, rustic, and entirely original bathroom wall cabinet. Get tutorial here