Small Bathroom Remodel With Concrete Counter Top

by Billyg
concrete counter top knotty pine tongue and grove walls new floors.approx. $300
remodel of my smaller bathroom begins.
myth of concrete countertops being hard. You don't need the $40 sheet I use $8 dry erase board with a 1'' tongue grove sub floor plywood which you can reuse. these are on 3 sturdy sawhorses.i made reusable forms with 2x4 and 1/2'' strips of plywood covered with formica. Rarely make templates I just use measurements to set the forms. calk where the forms come together with dark caulk. Clean forms and dry erase board with alcohol then spay all surfaces with cooking spray.then lightly wipe off.
If doing sink a knockout needs to be made to the shape of the sink this can be done with a doubled stryrophone sheet of insulation that's easy the remove.Now here's the catch you can spend what you want but I found a $16 bag of 80# quickrete is the more bang for you buck. you can mix color in the concrete I like mixing with alittle more than recommended water for a easier poor and less bug holes. pour concrete vibrate with a palm sander and tap on the forms with a hammer.
after it has sat for acouple days remove forms and and flip over which will be the top . you can leave the bug holes or fill with a slurry made from leftover concrete. I use quickrete sealer. but might suggest a food sealer for kitchens. also I will use diamond padded polisher to smooth things out.
the make over is done with knotty pine tongue grove new tub surround
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  • Andrew Smiths Andrew Smiths on Mar 08, 2023

    Totally loved your new bathroom style. Do you mind if I try to recreate it in 3d, probably on planner5d? I think I like colors the most here.

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  • Lori Flood-Mclaughlin Lori Flood-Mclaughlin on Apr 16, 2020

    Well done. Let's talk about the beautiful walls the sink n counter was fine 🙂 them walls are so nice and * small tip tho u need a different shower curtain and maybe a few matching throw rugs to tie this look together ❤

  • Gay Lynn Gay Lynn on Oct 11, 2020

    One of my pet-pives is when folks leave their shower curtains open. The bathroom always looks nicer with them closed. I agree with Lori on the walls. They are amazing and yes the shower curtain needs to be changed to go with your LOVELY make over. Final touches are the key to up gradings. Also the sticker on the laundry hamper. I would probably hot glue some hemp rope around the hamper. It would go better in the bathroom. Just a suggestion. Great job though.