Grungy Bathroom Turned Into Spa Oasis for Just $200

Ricole Vanterpool
by Ricole Vanterpool
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I am a nortorius Thrifter and DIY queen lol. This is the story of how I turned water into wine on a small budget.
Bad streaky paint work by the previous handyman old dated and grimy vinyl flooring yuk!
The walls were only primed and terribly at that you could see the old paint coming thru.
I cleaned everything from top to bottom walls floors everything in between, primed and painted everything in warm Taupes and a charcoal grey as an accent wall. I then took a lighter shade to add texture on the floor by using 1/2 water & 1/2 paint mixed a damp rag and gloves for hand protection I created a stone/concrete texture. ( note move fast blend all your stop start lines and do not scrub to avoid creating blemishes use a soft hand and your on artistry)
Mix 1/2 part paint to 1/2 part paint to with a darker shade we choose the charcoal grey accent wall color. Mixture should be runny so be careful not to spill or allow any drippings. Take your damp rag use a small amount teaspoons at a time as for it God a long way do light circles and pat out spots do not scrub, this step makes the texture you created pop and has stone illusion. Finish with a sealant of your choice gloss or satin we choose satin finish.
Drapery runs high to the ceiling to create height cost $5 at the local Goodwill as well as the shag rugs floral arrangement and candle holder totaled $20. Art work was from Big Lots for $25... And wallah magic lol❤️❤️
Suggested materials:
  • Taupe paint
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