How to Create a Simple Toilet Paper Holder / DIY + Free Plan

by Mr ATC
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Nowadays some people tend to make a simple thing too difficult. I found myself in a discussion with some friends about the direction to turn toilet papers rolls...What?
Like we don't have better things to do... anyway. This discussion gave me a nice idea on how I could use some scrap wood at home…

So what about creating a toilet paper holder?

So for this week video, we are going to create a easy toilet paper holder with some scrap wood and a piece of dowel. Remember, if we can refurbish or recycle we just do it. And here I am using some left over from a previous project in order to make this creative design.
Some scrap wood from a previous project...
First of all, I will start by measuring the toilet paper itself to make sure the holder isn’t too small or too big. Then trace the line where you are going to cut.
Before making any cut to the wood pieces, I am going to use my router and create the side holes where the dowel will have to go with the toilet paper. If you are doing it after the cutting, the wood could be too small for you to properly use your router..
Then I Do a few test and it looks nice already... Alright so now we move to the minor saw for the cutting, but please note that you could also use a jig saw for this cut….

When each pieces have been cut, now you just need to assemble them all using your nail gun and if you don’t have a nail gun you could also use screws to fix them together…After all that is done and as I decided to use screws to fix it to the wall, i am here drilling 2 holes in the middle of it…
after all is assembled
Before hanging it to the wall I have decide to use some of my fancy painting with tapes. I don’t know exactly how the result will be but let’s give it a try… then some finish lacquer
Nice and clean!!!! Here we are... If you want to create the same for your toilet, I am adding for you a free plan to download via the blog article in the video description. And remember guys, we are living a very difficult time with the environment. With some of those project I am showing you how I am recycling things

I really hope that you liked this project, and as usual, Mr ATC for another idea of housing!!!!
See you next time and don’t forget to share, subscribe and comment below the video…

Check out the video for more information.

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Suggested materials:
  • Router
  • Nail gun
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