DIY Bathroom Decor — Mirror and Towel Holder

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How to make cute navy bathroom decorations. Today we'll show you amazing decorating ideas that help you to craft a starfish decorated mirror and a convenient towel holder.
Check out the video above to learn how to make your own!
Now let’s add a starfish decorated mirror.
Take a big felt square and a sink mat for a frame.
Hot glue the mat to the felt turning down the fabric edges.
Cut off the corners to avoid crumpling and continue.
Attach a double-sided tape to the back of the mirror. Press over well.
Attach a rope around the edge and continue circle wise.
When you reach the frame edge, unravel the rope to make such a loop. Then continue gluing.
Now cut it off.
Touch the protruding parts of starfish with paint.
Choose the places on the frame where the starfish will be attached.
Color the sides. You can add some more color.
We hope you’ll enjoy looking in the funny starfish mirror every morning.
And here it is a simple and convenient towel holder.
Cover it both inside and outside.
To measure out the rope just wrap it around the can and cut out a bit more.
Attach the rope from the bottom circle wise.
Now you can paint it. Choose different color for each layer. Free your imagination to get a multicolor craft.
Wow! We’ve got a really eye-catching towel holder.
We hope these decorating items will add a splash of bright colors to your bathroom and help create a unique style of your own. 

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Suggested materials:
  • Round mirror
  • Cotton rope
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
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