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Bathroom countertops can get cluttered quickly. At least in my home with kids, they do! So I like to try and have a place off the counter tops for as much as possible.

So I made these wall mounted toothbrush holders to get the toothbrushes off the counters but also because I hate that gunky water that collects at the bottom of toothbrush cups. I love combining simple design with practical use and this is one of those rare DIY's that I was really pleased with as it did both.

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Here's how to make these toothbrush holders.


7.5cm x 1.5cm (3″ x 0.6″) oak discs*

24mm (0.94″) small wooden rings*

small hand saw

sand paper

wood glue

wood protector/sealer (ideally a food grade one)

3M command picture hanging strips 

*you can buy the wooden rings and similar oak discs on etsy

1. Start by cutting the wooden rings with your hand saw. My toothbrushes are pretty slim so I cut them in half. However check the thickness of your toothbrush – you may need to cut off a third only.

2. Very lightly sand down the edges of the wooden ring so that there’s no splinters or uneven bits. But you don't want it too smooth.

3. Mark the centre of your oaks disc and glue the piece of wooden ring on with the wood glue. Wipe off excess glue and leave to dry.

4. Follow the instructions on your wood protector to seal the wood and protect it from moisture.

5. Attach the picture hanging strips as per the instructions and attach to your bathroom wall.

Note: You can screw these in to the wall but I used picture hanging strips as I put mine on a tiled wall and I really didn’t want to drill in to my tiles. Also if you screw them in, the screw will be visible which isn’t the look I wanted.

Suggested materials:
  • Oak discs   (Etsy)
  • Wooden rings   (Etsy)
  • Food grade wood sealer   (Amazon)
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