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Despite adding a double sink vanity to our bathroom, from time to time we still get in one another's way. Additionally, I'm making a very conscious effort to keep my belongings organized and at a minimum and so this lil ditty was born. The Dollar Tree continues to impress me with their quality and selection in most every area!

Handled crate from Dollar Tree

This "Crate" has a handle and three generous sections. It's really sturdy and light weight at the same time.

I started by gathering all of my make-up, hair products, face products and accessories and lying them all out. Any excess (items purchased on sale etc.) is stored in a separate area.

I was able to use the large side for my taller items: Leave in hair detangler/conditioner, moisturizer, face wash and deodorant

I added a hook on the side so I can easily access my pony tail holders.

I sure do have a lot of eye shadow. I think a date night is in order icon icon I've been using Mary Kay for years!

I decided to stack these cases on top of one another

To use my space wisely I stood my Naked and Mary Kay Palettes up and placed my pencil sharpener on top of the small cases

Since I have a never ending supply or RX bottles, I put three of them to use. A large tall one is used to stand my tall make up brushes and liners in. A small one is used to hold smaller pencils, brushes and my tweezers. Lastly, a capped bottle is used to hold cotton swabs.

To the right of the pony tail holders I have placed small square container which holds barrettes and various clips. The Salon Selectives Detangler is AWESOME and, I got it at Dollar Tree!

Here is my mobile "beauty" center I hope it inspired you to get organized.

Suggested materials:
  • Crate with handle   (dollar tree)
  • Clip hook   (dollar tree)
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