From Thrift Store Basket to Super Useful Essential Oils Storage Idea!

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Do you love burning essential oils in your home? Is your collection of those tiny bottles every growing? Are you looking for a cute storage for your essential oils that keeps them out of the light, easy to select and safe from toppling over? Good I have you covered. I turned a neglected and sad thrift store basket into the best essential oils organizer.

Go hunting for a basket.

I found this picnic style basket at the thrift store for a song. I am sure you can find similar style baskets in your store too. There always seems to be quite a selection of these in mine.

Collect remaining materials

From the garden center I picked up one of those foam knee pads. You might even have one in your garden shed. They usually don't cost much more than a couple of bucks. I also grabbed my apple corer from the kitchen drawer. This is basically all you need. The rest is fluff.

Make holes in the pad and fit it into the basket

With the apple corer make holes at regular intervals in your knee pad. The smallest bottles fit right in then and there. For the slightly bigger bottles I had to cut out the hole a bit further with a craft knife. But with the initial hole already there that was easy.

Make sure the bottles can go in easily but stay snug in their place. They will not topple over if you move the basket.

My knee pad fit perfectly as it was. Lucky coincidence. But they are easy enough to cut to size.

You could consider your project done at this stage.

Or you pretty it up a bit.

Cover your pad with a bit of left over oil cloth

I didn't love the bright colors of the knee pad. So I cut a bit of drop cloth slightly bigger than the pad and wrapped the knee pad in it.

I cut a cross over each hole and pushed the bottles in.

I have since removed and put back the bottles many times but wonder of wonders the oil cloth stays in place perfectly each time.

Give the basket a little makeover

I kept the outside of my basket simple. I painted some stripes, and a star on top. I covered the ragged handle with some white cord and added a small tassle.

You can craft you heart out at this stage and make the basket fit in perfectly with your decor.

Enjoy your safe and pretty oil storage basket

This has turned out to be such a simple and perfect organizing project. I can shlepp that basket all over the house and the bottles all stay safe and in their place.

I even have plenty of space to grow my collection

You might like to see my super organized craft room (as it was on picture taking day). I have lots of organizing ideas in there.

And maybe you like to see how I organize my washi tape collection too.

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  • Basket
  • Foam Knee Pad
  • Apple Corer
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