Organize Bathroom Clutter

Maria Daniels-Marquez
by Maria Daniels-Marquez
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10 Minutes
Do you ever get frustrated with all the bottles that you have in your shower that are hard to squeeze the contents out of them especially when they are wet? I was, so I decide to come up with a way to ORGANIZE MY BATHROOM CLUTTER in my shower and make it easier for me to get the content I wanted by REUSING some empty hand soap bottles.
This is how my shower rack looked before, which was not bad but I wanted to come up with a way to ORGANIZE the bottles better and make it easier for me to get whatever content I needed out of the bottles easily.
First thing I did was I collected a few empty hand soap bottles that I had. I love using the hand soap bottles because they have the easy push down dispensers on them. Then I removed the label and used Goo Gone to remove all the stickiness that was left on the bottles from the label.
I used my label maker and the white plastic tape to label all the bottles with the contents that I was putting inside them.
I made sure to collect different color bottles because I wanted each content to have a different color bottle. I filled up each bottle and then put the names of each content on the front of the bottle by using my label maker.
I knew that I was going to put the bottles side by side on the shower rack so I put the initials of each content on the side of the bottles as well so I could know what is in each bottle.
Then I put all the bottles side by side in the shower rack and they fit perfectly. I even have space for one more bottle on the left side if I need to add something.

Now my SHOWER RACK is ORGANIZE and I can EASILY get out whatever content I need out of the new bottles even if they are wet.

I hope this helped or gave you guys some ideas on how to ORGANIZE your BATHROOM or SHOWER RACK!
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  • Jeanne Creel Jeanne Creel on Jan 03, 2018
    Love his idea. Definitely want to try it, but where did you get enough bottles?

  • Brenda LaFrance Brenda LaFrance on Sep 21, 2018

    How do you keep the labels from getting wet and coming off?


    Wow, how much time does it take you to fill up ALL of those bottles?

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  • Andrew Andrew on Nov 08, 2019

    Seems like waste of plastic. They are all already in containers. This is one reason why the ocean is so polluted.

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    • Tol13135882 Tol13135882 on Aug 12, 2020

      She’s actually reusing the pump bottles instead of throwing them into a landfill...

  • Donith Donith on Jan 02, 2020
    This is great!. I can buy the JUMBO sized bottles to refill with and save money (without having the jumbo bottles in the shower!)