Asked on Jan 12, 2015

Bathroom storage

by Irishkay
I have a very tiny bathroom. I've been debating for years whether or not to put some sort of storage unit above the toilet. There is a small window currently there that over looks the back porch and yard. We do not use that window. Do any of you have a similar problem like that and if so, how did you remedy it?
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  • Polly Zieper Polly Zieper on Jan 12, 2015
    If that's the only window,I wouldn't remove it.

  • Shira Shira on Jan 12, 2015
    Hi @irishkay, would you be able to upload a photo of your bathroom, usually a photo sparks all kinds of creative ideas!

  • Cath windmueller Cath windmueller on Jan 12, 2015
    It would help to see a photo of your space. Does the room have a pedestal sink?

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    • Cath windmueller Cath windmueller on Jan 13, 2015
      @Irishkay --- I have a 1/4 bath with a pedestal sink and needed storage for cleaning supplies and tp. I really didn't want a little chest or other piece of furniture so decided to make a skirt for around the sink. It's not a gathered skirt, but rather a fitted one and looks wonderful. It was attached with heavy duty Velcro so it can be removed for washing. It's in a fun contemporary fabric which I made a window valance out of also.

  • Irishkay Irishkay on Jan 13, 2015
    I will try getting a photo. I have an "old fart" phone that doesnt have all the bells and whistles to do that. I will see what I can do. Thanks for wanting to help.

  • Maureen.popp Maureen.popp on Jan 13, 2015
    I have seen pictures of a shelf mounted above the door, you could put items in baskets and hide them up there.

    • Irishkay Irishkay on Jan 14, 2015
      @Maureen.popp Now that is something to think about. Thanks, Maureen.

  • Gail Salminen Gail Salminen on Jan 13, 2015
    @irishkay Maureen is right there is a post on here - can't find it at the moment, but someone placed a shelf above the bathroom door - looked cool and didn't interfere with the space in the bathroom. Have you thought of putting floating shelves in above and below the window? That might help. I use a wicker basket for our tp in one bathroom and tp roll stacker in the other. Please update us on what you do. Thanks for posting.