Vintage Milk Crate Love

by ScavengerChic
In honor of Earth Day, I have the easiest upcycling, recycling project ever.
For Earth Day...this milk crate was retrieved from a dump and given a new life.
As far as ease go, all you have to do is tilt the milk crate on it's side. Done!
I recently came across this fantastic vintage metal milk crate. When I say came across, you probably envision me in this cute little antique store, eyeing all the vintage goodies, just deciding which treasure I should take home.

No, I found this in a dump.
Years ago, there were no public landfills as we know them today, if you lived on a farm and had trash you dumped it somewhere on your property or somewhat nearby.

Anyway, there is a barn not too far from me, at least I assume it was a barn, now it’s a pancake. I’ve been poking around it for years now and never noticed it’s dumping grounds several hundred yards away.
It must have been because the leaves were off the trees, or because it was a beautiful day that I strayed a bit farther than I normally do away from my pancake barn.

That’s when I spied something white thru the trees. It wasn’t anything in particular, it was just something in the distance that looked a little out of the ordinary.

I had to explore. If I waited another month the leaves and the thorny bushes would be back. Not to mention the ticks.
As I got closer, I noticed it was indeed my dump. I had searched near my barn before, but never quite so far away.

The white object I had spied from a distance was an old refrigerator, probably from the 50’s. If that refrigerator had been sitting in someones barn all those years it may have been worth something, this one, not so much. Even for my scavenging eye it was rather disgusting and rusted through.
What caught my eye was this great milk crate, half buried in the dirt. I didn’t expect it to have it’s bottom, but when I pulled it out I was pleasantly surprised to find it intact.

It could be argued that this rusty thing probably should have remained in the dump, they might have a point but I happily returned to my car with my beautiful wine rack, or was it a towel rack?
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