Asked on Jun 06, 2013

Any Ideas What I Can Do With This Bathroom?

Diana Ward
by Diana Ward
Rental house bath that has the old pink and blue tiles, blue sink, tub and stool (and wall heater). Currently has wall paper on the walls that I will remove and paint. The question is what color should I paint the walls that tone down the pink and blue? I'm not interested in painting the tiles. I am thinking of painting the woodwork (cabinets) also. Right now they're painted white. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
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Small bathroom in rental house that is dire need of something to tone down the pink and blue
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  • Dee W Dee W on Jun 06, 2013
    Depending on the tone of the pink, I can see how grey would calm the pink and still blend with the blue. I would also add a curtain and rug that was mostly grey with hints of pink/blue in it to tie the room together.

  • Jeri Jeri on Jun 06, 2013
    i would say go for white...white walls,white ruffled tiered curtain and white ruffled shower curtain,maybe just get some sparkly new pulls/knods on the cabinet..u mind not need to paint them.then go for aqua/blue and white rug.a shallow side table with aqua/blue wraparound fabric placed in front of the blue vent-thingy would cover it up and create space to create a nice replacing the current picture with something else and grouping some stuff on the narrow table...white always makes a bathroom fresh anf spacious...i think.good luck

  • Jeri Jeri on Jun 06, 2013
    u can also add peelable tiles on the blue to tone it down...

  • Linda D Linda D on Jun 06, 2013
    i think painting the cabinets like a dark brown/black and take down curtains and put up blinds with just a small curtin on top....get rid of flowers....

  • Diana Ward Diana Ward on Jun 06, 2013
    Thanks everyone! I'm thinking a lot of the same thing - greys or whites. Good idea on the shallow table! I'll have to see what I can find at a garage sale.

  • Brigitte Weis Brigitte Weis on Jun 06, 2013
    Paint the tiles white.

  • Cindy M Cindy M on Jun 06, 2013
    Normally in rentals you won't be allowed to take wallpaper down, or paint cabinets or tile unless the landlord approves.

  • Sharon Murray Sharon Murray on Jun 06, 2013
    i definitely go with gray tones, and then find a rug that has the grey tones to it as well, if it has the pink or blue in it that would be great but if not thats ok. i would find a small table to put in there too and maybe paint it with the colors of the room, the pinks/blues/greys. use some accessorties to pull in the tile colors. maybe buy grey towels and embroider an edge or sew a ribbon edge on it to pull in the tile colors. you can find some cool designs or make them yourself using geometric patterns instead of flowers. or checkerboard pattern.. good luck be sure to post before and after pics.

  • Sharon Murray Sharon Murray on Jun 06, 2013
    oh for the wndow depending if you want to look uot of it, i would put that lacy window covver that type that sticks to the window and allows light in would make it pretty and not worry about curtains just me

  • Linda Wingert-Turiak Linda Wingert-Turiak on Jun 06, 2013
    I had pink and black tiles like these. If you can wallpaper (which it looks like you can), find a large pattern has a color combination you like that includes and pulls these colors together. When I had this bathroom, I found a wallpaper with a dark sage green background that had large light to dark pink and burgundy roses. There were brush strokes of black here and there. It drew away for the tile and calmed it down. I accented with the dark sage green in my towels and rug. The shower and window curtain I made out of a coordinating plaid that had all of the colors in it. Like the Cindy M. mentioned, I would paint the cabinet. In my case, I told the landlord and he said no problem as long as I took the wallpaper down and painted before I moved out. Hope this helps.

  • Mary Insana Mary Insana on Jun 06, 2013
    I agree that a blind would make the bathroom look fresh. Curtains clutter up a small bathroom. If you need something to cover the windows, Google, wallpaper for windows. Its a window cling that does not harm the window at all and comes in different patterns. I have that on my bathroom window that looks out on to our yard. For the scalloped cover over the lights, I would get a thin piece of plywood and cut it straight, prime and paint it then use Velcro to attach it over the scalloped front. Even if you use adhesive backed Velcro I would staple it to the wood, adhesive backed Velcro does not stick well to wood. A grey on the walls would be nice with the pink and blue or you can even find a pale blue paint that almost looks white. For a shower curtain I would go I would go with a streamlined look, no frilly lace or ruffles, unless you like that look :) In the opening under the sink a tall basket could hold extra towels or use as a hamper. Someone mentioned covering up the vent in the wall. Isn't that a heater? If it is I would only cover it during the summer. You don't want to have it covered and also have someone try to use it. You can also replace the furnace vent on the wall since that one looks a little rusty. They are pretty cheap at the big box stores. Good luck in whatever you choose and let us see the finished room.

  • Laurie Ann Laurie Ann on Jun 06, 2013
    I like the idea of greys or subtle (not so bright) whites for the wall. I would also decrease the amount of patterns you have going on (curtains / rug), so maybe a solid color or something with subtle pattern on the edges. I'd also paint the cabinets under the countertop, and change the hardware :).

  • Brenda S Brenda S on Jun 06, 2013
    I would paint the walls and cabinets white, and add some bright yellow to take the eye away from pink and blue. Maybe a small yellow chair or a chair with a yellow cushion.

  • Cheri horning Cheri horning on Jun 06, 2013
    I would do a medium gray on the walls and complement the cabinets with a dark charcoal gray or a matte black, add a dark gray blind and a rug with a medium gray and maybe some white in it as well. Paint the wooden valance and frame around mirroe to match the cabinets.

  • Lynn Sanfilippo Lynn Sanfilippo on Jun 06, 2013
    I have the same pink and blue in my bathroom and I know LOVE IT! I used taupe as an accent color....towels, rugs, some tan and white shells for accessories and also for some wall art ( I own my home so I used a wallpaper with pink and blue shells on a taupe backrground) but then just used a very light pink window topper and shower curtain....didn't cost much and its so relaxing now!!

  • Lynn T Lynn T on Jun 06, 2013
    spray paint the pink tile white and anything else that is pink, bring in grey for the walls and if there is pink on floor put a floating wood floor. Take it from There

  • Mary Insana Mary Insana on Jun 06, 2013
    Why are some responders telling @Diana Ward to paint the tile when in the original post she specifically wrote: "I'm not interested in painting the tiles"

  • Sharon McIntosh Sharon McIntosh on Jun 06, 2013
    I would go with white - - walls, cabinets, even towels and rug. You can get white towels with a blue stripe across the bottom at Walmart. And I would put up a white shutter in window with some type of white topper at the top of the Window. Just remember less is more!

  • Cyndi Moore Tippett Cyndi Moore Tippett on Jun 06, 2013
    I would look at a pale yellow on the walls and cabinet. Since everything is bright continue that theme. Use white as your accents and would find a rug with all the colors to tie everything together. Towels could be a combination of pink, blue and yellow. Have fun with the bright colors. Also, striping the wall with white, smaller blue, and wider pink would be fun.

  • Judy Anstess Judy Anstess on Jun 06, 2013
    If you hate the pink tile, (which sure doesn't go with the blue sink) try this idea and your landlord won't say a word to you because it is removable and it will cover up the heater as well. Measue the entire area where the tile is and go outside and build a wooden cover for that area. If it were me, I would use pallet boards or an old fence. Just make it to fit right over the tile and then add shelves to the inside of it for nick-nacks and small plants and maybe some pictures, sea shells, etc. You can fasten it right to the wall for stability. The small holes that the screws you use to attach it to the wall, can easily be filled in with dry-wall compound and you will never know they were there. When you move, just remove it from the wall and take it to your new place. I am sure you can find another pla e for it. Now for that lovely blue sink. You can distract from it by using curtains that have a chevron or geometric desing in them. But just make sure that they have the same color in them (just a small amount of the same color) Then add some nice towels and maybe add a 2-3" strip of the curtain material to tie it all together..Or, you can just tie solid color towels in the middle where they hang down with the same material used in the curtains. All this stuff will surely distract from the blue sink. I am having the same situation, only my sink is a newer model pedistal sink and an old turquios blue tub..I live in Hawaii and I can just use the blue tub as an accent, because it does go with the "Coastal Theme" Good luck and don't forget to show us your end result..Judy

  • Kathywarddesigns Kathywarddesigns on Jun 06, 2013
    black and white would be great! black and white checked floor - or floor cloth - easy to install/make. simple white or black and white toile roller shade, white walls black stripe/diamond - fleur de lis, etc. would really brighten it up, etc. black and white art/photo in black frame on either side of window, etc. the pic. below gives you some ideas and shows how great black and white looks with pinks, blues, yellows, etc. i use black and white as a neutral. have fun!

  • Grandma's House Grandma's House on Jun 06, 2013
    I would paint a satin white... walls and cabinets and do blue accents

  • Carol M Carol M on Jun 06, 2013
    I would paint all wood white including wall . I like the tile and sink and looks like a good rug (keep it). Plain white curtain and shower curtain. accent with blue. It will be fresh and crisp looking and well tailored:)Keep it clean and white.

  • Carol S Carol S on Jun 06, 2013
    Well - I have a different suggestion. Go with a beige paint for the walls & cabinet. Paint the pink vent blue and change the handle on the cabinet and drawers to pink or blue to match the tile. Get rid of the curtains frost the lower part of the window for privacy & more day light. A lacy swag might look nice. Blue or beige for the shower curtain. I hope you post the end results.

  • Sandra C Sandra C on Jun 06, 2013
    white would brighten up the room, or if you like the beach, you could paint a light beige. Buy some small pictures of shells. Get a curtain with a bright splash of color to accent the white or beige. Also sea horse pictures are cute. If you rather not do the beach, you could use flowers for the pictures. Good Luck!!!

  • Jan W Jan W on Jun 06, 2013
    We had a bathroom just like that one! Gut it and start over.

  • Lisa Ludlow Lisa Ludlow on Jun 07, 2013
    Replacing the rusted vent would help a bunch. Bless your heart that is quite the challenge you got there. Also if possible to unify all the fixtures and door pulls in the same metal tone would help; whether it is brushed nickel or antiqued brass, whatever will make you smile when you head to the powder room.

  • Reinventing Space Reinventing Space on Jun 07, 2013
    With mid twentieth century all the rage (Thanks Mad Men) - You have a perfect venue to create a fun and fantastic bath. Many wallpaper co.s now have reprinted vintage prints. -Marry the tile color w/a paper and embrace the bath rather than running away from it. Here's a great UK wallpaper co. that has vintage inspired papers:

  • Diana Ward Diana Ward on Jun 07, 2013
    Thanks to everyone for their suggestions! I will definitely post pictures while work is in progress and the finished product. Headed to the paint store to pick out a few paint chips this weekend. What you don't see in the picture is the floor is the same pink tile! Yikes! That's a lot of pink! But I can cover that with a carpet or nice rug. The window is the old aluminum windows and really ugly. I will probably cover that with a nice curtain. Or perhaps a window blind and valance.

  • Remove the tile walls. Add white bead board, faux wood blinds, new counter and sink. Keep floor tiles but add woven floor mat.

  • Diana Ward Diana Ward on Jun 07, 2013
    This is a house that we're renting and I really don't want to put a lot of expense in it although I'm sure the landlord would love for me to update it! I'm not sure they would be willing to reimburse me for my expenses though. :)

  • Niki Hart Niki Hart on Jun 07, 2013
    I would use a light cocoa color to tone down the pinks and blues. A neutral is the only way to go...but it will darken the room and make it look smaller, so be careful about the choice !

  • Linda H Linda H on Jun 07, 2013 are the renters. One of my friends has the same color scheme and she embraced the colors and used towels in those colors. I think she had a wallpaper of a small print, but I can't remember. I am an owner of a rental house and would not be pleased if my tenants took out tile walls and such. You might get in a mess of trouble over it all.

  • Evelyn McMullen Evelyn McMullen on Jun 07, 2013
    A small cabinet to cover where that niche in the wall is would be good to get clutter off the counter. I have one at each end of my cabinet, my bathroom is pink also as is the rest of my house. Cabinet on left with the towel bar holds my meds, the other one holds makeup & lotions.

  • Kathywarddesigns Kathywarddesigns on Jun 07, 2013
    diane - the black and white self adhesive tiles like in the pic. i sent you is an easy, and inexpensive option - i did this in a rented apartment to update the outdated ugly tile look, etc. and again, a black and white check, or any design floorcloth would work as well - i have floor cloth instructions in my album/book "simply creative sponge brush painting" -

  • D Burton D Burton on Jun 07, 2013
    I Have had a bathroom with tiles that I did not like either. Contractors told me it would not work, they just did not want to do the work. You can wallpaper over the tiles with just the paste that is on the wallpaper, no more. It will be harder to take down. I did it myself and not one time did it come off. When you move just spray with hot water and score the wallpaper and spray again. It will come right off.

  • Kim C Kim C on Jun 07, 2013
    I agree about going with the pink and blue instead of fighting it, paint the walls white to neutralize them, it will feel clean and brighten the space, I would find an updated fabric like an Ikat design or chevron, etc and make simple curtains to 'update' the look or again go with white, I agree about harmonizing the hardware. Have you ever seen radiator covers built from metal screening material, I would do something like that to cover the heater and vent (self standing), just come out far enough from the wall to cover it, this will take up a little space but if you make it tall enough you can cover up a lot of the pink tile I see in this pic and have a shelf for washcloths, soaps, etc. I suggest metal screening because it will not interfere with the function of the heat and vent. Use a rug, again in an updated style for your floor. Since I do see a shower curtain in the pic maybe you could make the window coverings white with a trim fabric that you can use to make your shower curtain with, again it will all look intentional with proper proportions and not too many prints.

  • Reinventing Space Reinventing Space on Jun 07, 2013
    Here's an example of embracing the tile!

  • Sandra T Sandra T on Jun 08, 2013
    First thing I would do is change the curatins,also a real pretty rug. Paint one wall a darker pink are even a tan

  • Janice Phillips (JP) Janice Phillips (JP) on Jun 08, 2013
    A gracious dose of WHITE will make a world of difference. I suggest a soft white like Benjamin Moore Dove White. With the walls, cabinets (change handles and knobs) and trim all the same soothing color you then can add 2" blinds on the window (white). Your accessories should pull in the white (towels with perhaps a blue monogram) and rug in neutral sisal. You can paint a blue band around the edge to jazz it up a bit. A simple, tailored white shower curtain with a blue band will make a nice difference. Your little niche by the sink could use a bit of bling...have a mirror cut and simply glue it in the back. What a difference that will make! Rentals can be tricky, but if you embrace your tile and 'crisp' up the rest of the room, you may be much happier in the space. Good luck!

  • Amy Schmidtke-Prill Amy Schmidtke-Prill on Jun 08, 2013
    I would ask the landlord if you could paint the tile & the sink and shower if they need it too. There are special paints and companies that do this all the time. First you have to do a light sanding on them and then you have to find the right paint. I'm sure a big box store or paint store would have the right type of paint for this. I would do it in a basic white. To get the grout to stick out you do have to paint it out in a color that would have a nice contrast. Then I would find a nice neutral color for everything else.

  • Brenda De Lair Brenda De Lair on Jun 08, 2013
    I think I would consider a dove grey. It could be a soft and soothing grey with a lot of blue in it that would mute the other colours somewhat. I really like the suggestion made by Reinventing Space which would be to add a wall paper that would "embrace the tile".

  • Susan Cryor Susan Cryor on Jun 08, 2013
    get shutters that split, (one for top of window and another for bottom part if the window and have the bottom ones inserted with mirrors, taking out the louvers. Get mosaic tiles and put them on top of the blue ones, you can pick up the blue but also tone it down. And there are metallic ones that will pick up the silver in the mirrors. They are easily applied with "grab it" a fast strong glue that is water proof and comes in a tube do you can use your caulk gun to apply, just a dab is all you need. Then grout it with the color of your choice. Take the two heat registers, wire brush them and spray paint white. Get rid of the small mirror, looks out of place. Put some hanging fo plants above the wooden valance in something with texture, like baskets. You can pick up the blue or pink in your choice of fo plants. Yes, have accessories be white.

  • Susan Cryor Susan Cryor on Jun 08, 2013
    oh yea, forgot, get a stool and paint it white for under the open counter spacespace

  • Wanda sinnema Wanda sinnema on Jun 08, 2013
    I'd think BEACHY, like an earlier post. Beige (think warm sand) walls and ceiling..creammy warm white colored for all cabinets and wood-2-3 shades lighter than paint colors works great. replace the window treament with a roll-up blind or a roman shade in the beige color or darker brown. Cabinet hardware I'd go with a bronze or pewter..I LOVE the rug, but not with a beachy decor, Use it in another room. Floor I'd go with a big grassy mat close to the color of the shade, w/ sand colored tub mat when needed, or a big shaggy rug. Counter accessories woven reed baskets and accessories dark or light, similiar to the window treatment color.. Or MOSIAC, with the beige to pinkish colors.Top ledge, replace the plant with a pot or worn looking basket of beachy type grass (silk) on one side so it hangs down, a few HUGE shells around a hurricane with some sand and or shells (or beach glass ) and a pillar candle (on timer) or a big mosiac holder for a nighttime glow, A smaller mosiac holder with a votive on the counter on timer.Wall art I'd use driftwood or wreath with a couple of sand dollars starfish or shells glued on..I'd buy a new register cover (local hardware) spay paint it to match the cabinets. I'd finish it off with a a bottle of the reed infused oils tucked in the grass up on top in something that reminds you of a week-end getaway to the ocean.... hope you get some ideas..

  • Rose knight Rose knight on Jun 08, 2013
    I've had to work with a pink and blue bath like yours. All I did was white everywhere else. Simple and minimal blue accents such as a stripe on a towel. An all white shower curtain. The carpet cute but too much for this bath and way to much happening at the window. Nice white blinds or roman shade. Also, no pattern anywhere else. Just keep it simple. Some nice old wood tray or box to put things in on the counter would be nice. It would warm it up without being too much.

  • Lory Lory on Jun 08, 2013
    Since it's a rental I would keep cost to a minimum and do a lot of repurposing. Check out the ops paint at your local home improvement store, or use paint that you already have. Turn an unused flat sheet into a shower/window curtain. If possible spray paint all the fixtures to unify them. Bathe this room in white.

  • Wanda sinnema Wanda sinnema on Jun 08, 2013
    I feel for you,,I posted earlier but, should also mention our home is 1949,,,MINT GREEN TILES..... it's small bathroom is 6 or 7 X 8.... GREEN TILED FLOOR, and WALLS, TUB SURROUND up to the TOP of the door...360 all the way around....other direction for your bathroom would be retro..... vibe with BLACK and WHITE. lots of white with POP OF BLACK in linens,big throw rug, window accessories..then I'd go pewter fixtures and black or pewter hardware

  • Donna L. Etchberger Donna L. Etchberger on Jun 09, 2013
    Diana, I take it this is your property that you rent out. I'm sure you don't want to tear out the tub, but changing out a toilet is not costly, nor is building a new vanity top with a nice, oval, white drop-in sink. I posted a comment under someone else's opinion. Just in case you can't find that; I had this same bathroom, almost. Pink tile with aqua trim. I papered with a soft pink iris print with very pale aqua foliage on a white background. My vanity cabinet was a homemade built-in with a tiled end, just like yours. The top was awful, tiled and nasty wash bowl with a metal edged trim. We made a new top, covered with a pale agua textured look formica (today I would probably use white) and bought a nice oval, white, drop-in sink. I used white curtains, rugs, and towels. It turned out very nice. I really think white is the way to go. A soft, not over done sea shell, beach wallpaper, or even a very pale blue paint on the walls and a picture of the beach/ocean would be nice. Decorate simply with a glass decantor, compote, or bowl with faux sea glass or beach sand, (the blue and aqua glass will tie in the blue that you can't eliminate) and sea shells, sand dollar, star fish, etc. I would paint the cabinet white, if it needs a fresh coat, and probably use brushed nickel, or white porcelain hardware for a clean update. Please post photos when it's done. Can't wait to see what you do with this. I did my bathroom 28 years ago when we bought the farm, and never tired of my bathroom. The tile is classic, and I would NEVER have considered tearing it out! Have fun!

  • Donna L. Etchberger Donna L. Etchberger on Jun 09, 2013
    Now I see you are the renter. If you are willing to do the work, the landlord may be willing to take what you spend and apply that amount toward your rent. You work for nothing, but you do get to enjoy the benefit of the improvements you make. I would not pay anyone to do the job. If you're a DIY'er, this could work out well for you, and the landlord in the end, The next renter will appreciate the update also!

  • Donna L. Etchberger Donna L. Etchberger on Jun 09, 2013
    Forgot, don't know what to tell you about the pink floor! I did see that in your photo. Mine was one inch square tiles in a gray rubber grid, mostly white with a random spatter of pink, blue, green and yellow, all pastel in color! I DID NOT like it, but dealt with it. Large white rugs do wonders! My floor tile was not glossy, so I was able to use my favorite reversible bathroom rug. If yours are slippery, I would go with the no-slip grip type. I don't like them, since frequent washing and drying wears out the rubber back. The reversible kind last for years. Good luck!

  • Donna L. Etchberger Donna L. Etchberger on Jun 09, 2013
    And the heat vent can just be painted to match the cabinet in white. The electric heater is another story. Too old for use, and dangerous. Ask the landlord if it can be disconnected, if it isn't already, and remove it. You could possibly build a small box with shelves to fit in the space, and trim it to cover the edge of the tile to finish the space. I'd paint it white, and just slip it into the space, and use it for shampoo, soap, etc., since it's next to the tub. You could also display a few items from your trips to the ocean, if you go in that direction with your décor. If you're crunched for space, I'd get myself a tilt-out hamper that you can tuck into the space under the counter in the corner, again in white.

  • Lisa C Lisa C on Jun 10, 2013
    I agree with Palos my first thought was add the black and go with the era. Even a grey or taupe shade be careful with wall paper I just had to redo and entire bath room because a renter decided to wall paper over wall paper and moisture collected cause mildew! I love the black and white even a few old print adds would be classic some tea towel curtains or a great black and white print with a large area rug in a black and with classic checker board. easiest way to remove wall paper is warm water and fabric softener FYI :)

  • Marjorie Marjorie on Jun 11, 2013
    Get rid of those curtains and add plain white. Use white basket to gather up the things on the sink. Take down the flowers on top and decorate with big conch shells. Go with the aqua on the sink for rug,hand towels and wash cloths. Replace picture with beach scenes! The aqua and the pink are beautiful colors to build on.

  • Sandra T Sandra T on Jun 12, 2013
    Like I said change curtains. Put the color of the sink with a new rug with sink colors. Lighter color of curtins white mybe,but with some of the sink color. Go to Ross for some pretty towels.

  • Pepsigirl13 Pepsigirl13 on Aug 21, 2014
    the good thing is that everything appears in great condition. Find a fabric that coordinates with the two tile colors, then pull paint color out of it. you can always skirt the sink area to disguise it. My hubs is professional painter and unless you are adapt at painting and a perfectionist, he would recommend NOT painting the tile as it is too risky esp. in a rental. I definitely agree that wallpaper must go! strip it don't paint over it. Good luck and post your new look.

  • I would either stay with blue tones or use white.

  • Edward Noyer Edward Noyer on Jan 04, 2015
    You can't fight the pink and turquoise as no matter how much you want to ignore them they will stand out even more. I would bring in more turquoise in rugs, new curtains and towns to balance the pink. You might also consider some thing whimsical like pink flamingo artwork in to give a nod to the kitsch 40-50's tile. If Your Landlord will let you paint the cabinets opt for a high quality paint like Sherwin Williams as you wanot a paint that has hardners in it so that it will not chip. Grey's would also work in this color pallette as compliments the blues and pinks.

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jan 04, 2015
    Would trim the waves off that valence. I would also check out different wallpaper - hundreds of patterns and colours. I'd try to get burgundy, darker blue with some metallic in a vertical stripe or such to tone down the lighter pink and blue.

  • ...Pink and blue , when paired like this in a bathroom..can look " country gone wrong. " lol. I agree with using a lot of creamy whites, whites and a few touches of the blue- in tones that tie in- to accent small things. The blue appears to be an ' aqua ' tone, which would look nice with a lot of creamy white, and cream tones in your fabrics and towels, and rug.A sheer curtain on the window, or a balloon shade in creamy white. Also same tones with shower curtain. I would take advantage of that nice built in area with a pretty scrolled bath chair or some kind of small chair, painted white .

  • Kayo Frazier Kayo Frazier on Jan 15, 2015
    If you can get permission from your landlord & DIY yourself there are kits that you can use to change the color of the tile...This is one of them... If you don't feel confident enough to do DIY. Check out costs on getting it done professionally & offer to split costs 50/50 with the landlord OR take off a month's rent.

  • Charmaine Charmaine on Feb 03, 2015
    Use stainless steel peel and stick contact wall paper, put it on the tiles and use a ruler and a sharpie for the grout lines.

  • Sharon Sharon on Mar 03, 2015
    From someone who toned down peach tiles to look more like tan, I say give in to it. I would pick one more color, pick your favorite of either mint green or navy blue (opposite on color wheel) Paint the walls that color. Then get or make a curtain that has all 3 colors. Use the light & dark blue for accents & stick with neutral white for towels & rugs. Or, get a wallpaper with all 3 colors or a neutral like gold & white print or stripe. These tiles tend to have gold flecks in them. There are also special paint rollers that allow you to paint a design that looks like wallpaper but easier to change. And, there are peel and stick wallpapers now that will be easy to take down when you leave. Fabric can also be stapled or glued over the wallpaper. There are many more temporary products for renters these days. Let us know how it comes out.

  • Beatrice Tangeman Beatrice Tangeman on Apr 02, 2015
    Hmmm wainscoating maybe around the old gas heater maybe..not sure if heat resistant?

  • Lee Lee on Jul 22, 2015
    Don't fight the pink and Aqua, use it to create a fun and whimsical tropical decor. Hide the heater with some silk plants, that you can move when winter comes. Find some fun tropical curtain fabric. Add more pink flowers and vines hanging down over the mirror. You could add a few plugin lights, up there to throw more light (sunshine) at the ceiling. A tropical pink and blue rug, or a big sand colored rug for the floor. For a whimsical touch add a pink plastic flamingo peeking out from the silk plants. Add some big seashells on the counter top. Swap out the framed print for a bigger print, something vibrant with pink and Aqua in the colors. Think South Florida, sun and fun, every time you use the room. It's a rental, so don't waste a lot of time and money on the parts you can't take with you.

  • Lee Lee on Jul 22, 2015
    One more idea, a wicker chair would be cute and practical the the far right corner.

  • Pat Pat on Jul 26, 2015
    The tile is very retro - work with it.

  • Kay1812779 Kay1812779 on Jul 30, 2015
    Check out and look at their pink and blue bath ideas. You can also search pink and blue bathrooms and look at the images of other peoples rooms to get ideas.

  • I agree with the suggestion of a wicker chair in the vanity space. I think that the heater is adorable! What about bleaching the curtains to make those colors more pastel, or white curtains? I don't know about the cabinets. My inclination is to stick with white. But I'm no decorator! Good luck!

  • Sarah A. Victory Sarah A. Victory on Sep 04, 2015
    I would paint the walls and cabinets the same color--maybe in the beige family and play up the retro look of the blue and pink. Get rid of the rug--too many other designs such as stripes and floral when they don't enhance the room make it look smaller and cluttered. If you use a shower curtain make it simple. I like some greenery in a bathroom and have found that a vase of Bamboo is the easiest to take care of. Test out some samples and make your self happy and enjoy doing it!

  • Joanne Hewitt Joanne Hewitt on Jul 12, 2016
    Love the tiles. I would use a complimentary grey on walls and vanity. The plant is lowering the ceiling. Loose the picture and the curtains..also the rug. Can't really see the vanity top. I do like this bathroom.

  • Tsi6911433 Tsi6911433 on Oct 29, 2016
    Hi there. While I have not read through all the comments, I would suggest a pretty gray paint. Paint the cabinets as well. Get rid of the cornice board over the light. Put in a new modern light fixture. Put in a white sink. New faucet. And play with the fabric colors. Maybe bring in a new complementary color. There you go! Sincerely, Vintage Girl

  • Carrin Hemley- Moore Carrin Hemley- Moore on Oct 29, 2016
    They have peel and stick tiles well they look like tiles in Lowes or Home Depot their 3-D and you can pull them off by heating them up with a blow dryer and you can stick them right over the tile they have about five different kinds nice and earthy tones however I found them on Amazon cheaper my son works for a vinyl car wrapping company and he makes vinyl that you can stick right on the countertop to make it look like granite a lot less cheaper than granite and it also comes off

  • Darla Darla on Nov 13, 2016
    First the old vintage look is cool. Work with what you have. Plant/curtains/rug have to go. Freshen the room with white paint. Decorate with vintage art work and accessories. I would accessorize using the blue color with a bunch of shabby chic items.