Asked on Feb 19, 2013

Bathroom Granite Counter Tops

by Barbara
During Thanksgiving, I decided that I wanted new countertops for my 3 bathrooms. For some crazy reason, I always pick a project to do during the holidays. It is like an obsession or a really really strong have to feeling. Anyway my old laminate tops were stained and scratched and I had just painted the downstairs a beautiful teal green. The top then really was an eye sore. So while my husband was outside the Saturday before Thanksgiving I took the faucet off and ripped the top off. Then found a granite stone place in Raleigh, NC that would charge less if you got a top out of scrape granite. It still won't that cheap. They would fabricate and seal the granite. My question is once granite is sealed will it allow water to seep in and leave stains that eventually dry? Is this normal? I have called the company and to no avail get anything done about it. I also gave them a bad listing on Angie's list. Please look at the pictures and tell me what to do.
q bathroom granite counter tops, countertops, home maintenance repairs, The water stain comes from underneath
The water stain comes from underneath.
q bathroom granite counter tops, countertops, home maintenance repairs, See the various spots that absorb water
See the various spots that absorb water
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  • If the stone top is properly sealed water should not enter into the top and cause stains. However if you spill a solvent based cleaner such as nail polish remover that can cause such stains. But based upon the photos, I doubt the top was sealed. Normally that is done when the top is installed and everything is complete. Normally they do not seal at the factory. You need to check who was responsible for the sealing of the top. Many cases its the installer that does that not the manufacture.

  • Hamtil Construction LLC Hamtil Construction LLC on Feb 19, 2013
    Sorry to hear of your problem. Remnant granite is usually a great choice for small tops like this. The fabricator that we use for this type of stone always applies a sealer to the tops at the shop prior to bringing them out to the jobsite. Whether this was done to yours, I can't say. If that was simply water on an un-sealed slab, it should dry up and not leave a stain like that. I am wondering if moisture is actually seeping in to the stone from around the sink.. maybe from underneath the slab.. and then actually getting trapped in there due to the stone having sealer on the surface. I would really thoroughly inspect the caulking/ sealing around the inside of the sink and at the backsplash/ top joint. Despite whatever is happening, it sounds like you are having an issue with the warranty. I would say that you do not have much recourse other than to continue to call, and also to make formal complaints in writing that explain the defects and request remedy. You can pursue the BBB, etc.. as well.

  • Barbara Barbara on Feb 20, 2013
    Thank you for taking the time to read my post and make suggestions everyone. I will call them again today and perhaps since I listed it on home talk they may come and do something. If not then I will come back and name them. Thanks again everyone.

  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on Feb 20, 2013
    You can seal these yourself as well...I would recommend the 511 sealer. some stones respond differently to the seal based on their densities.

  • Barbara Barbara on Feb 20, 2013
    How is it done? Top and bottom?

  • you should only seal the areas that can possibly see water, The edges perhaps just around the edge on the bottom lip that is exposed outside of the cabinet or around the sink. If you seal all sides bottom included any moisture that just might enter the stone will not be able to dry out over time. A heavy cotton rag works well as the tool to apply. Simple wet it pour a little on the counter and rub in around. Keep doing this until it stays wet and is no longer soaking in. Then take another rag and wipe the excess off until it appears to be dry. Let it sit overnight and your done. However this is a generic method of application. Be sure to follow the directions on what ever brand of stone sealing chemical you decide to purchase. There are several brands. All pretty much the same however.

  • Cheryl M Cheryl M on Mar 07, 2013
    I used a product called Stone spray and seal SCI Stone care international from home depot.I reseat it twice a year or when I see any water spots starting.Let your counter dry thourghly first.I love it and very easy to apply.Brown bottle with gold lableing in the kitchen dept.. Good luck

  • Ellen Knox Ellen Knox on Oct 19, 2014
    My granite kitchen counters and bath counters do the same thing. I called the fabricator back and he used a hot air blower to dry the tops. It did not get the whole stain out. Then he resealed the tops. They still seem to absorb the water. We have resealed them twice ourselves and still have the same problem. It is so frustrating. It cost a lot of money and we should not have this problem--but we do.