The Best Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Farmhouse bathroom decor doesn’t always have to involve reclaimed wood and darker tones. Rustic wooden panels add some serious character to a bathroom space. However, as this image from Love the Tompkins demonstrates, there are plenty of ways to achieve a farmhouse vibe without wood. White tiles with dark grout in tandem with a painted mono tap create a real industrial look. Farmhouses are working houses and this project captures this perfectly. What’s more, offsetting these items with “warmer” touches such as a faux fur rug gives this room a glam yet rustic farmhouse look. Get tutorial here

The Best Beach Bathroom Decor

Bring the outside inside and freshen up your bathroom with a gentle sea breeze. Shells can often look out of place in a modern home. However, when used correctly, they conjure up images of glorious days at the beach. As you can see from Tracey Lee’s beach bathroom decor, less is more. Instead of randomly scattering shells around the room, use a jar and some twine to add a subtle allusion to the beach. For the more creative, a styrofoam ball, a glue gun and some spray varnish will allow you to craft something truly unique. Get tutorial here

The Best Vintage Bathroom Decor

Vintage can mean different things to different people and, as SweetPea Paula has demonstrated, one person’s junk is another’s gold. Not that you’d know from the image above but Paula found her vintage bathroom decor in a dumpster. Seeing some retro potential in the fabric flower print and baby blue picture frame, our Hometalker applied a little TLC and created the perfect complement to her curtain fabric. As well as looking fantastic, Paula’s bathroom decor project shows how something old can be restored. With people often dumping decor from the 60s and 70s, you can transform your bathroom with a keen eye and some love and attention. Get tutorial here

The Best Modern Bathroom Decor

The right bathroom décor can give you a fresh, modern look without the need for the time and expense associated with retiling your walls. Updating her townhouse, Hometalker Christene opted to use wood instead of tiles. However, as you can see in the image above, the end result was far from rustic. By choosing straight-cut panels, Christene was able to get a uniform look. Complementing this uniformity are the sharp lines of her window surround. Add to this some white gloss shelving and carefully chosen ornaments and the finished article is a vibrant, clean look and thoroughly modern. Get tutorial here

The Best Wooden Bathroom Décor

If you like the farmhouse look but want something more refined, check out this countertop upgrade by DIY Design Fanatic. Using a leftover countertop, Charlotte sketched a template of her sink top on a piece of cardboard. Taking a jigsaw, she cut out a space for the sink, rounded the edges and stained the wood with MinWax Provincial Stain. As practical and hardwearing as it is striking, this wooden sink top would create a striking contrast in any bathroom. As well as breaking up classic white color schemes, wood provides a change of texture from traditional tiles and porcelain. Get tutorial here

Top Bathroom Wall Decor Designs

Walls are often the most overlooked aspect of any bathroom makeover. But as our top bathroom wall decor designs show, a few simple installations can make a big impression. Brooke Riley-Re-Fabbed has taken traditional bathroom signs and given them a twist with her thrifted bathroom wall decor. Spotting four black wall panels in her local mall, Brooke paid $8 and used her creative skills to upcycle them. Respraying the Edwardian-style panels in an aqua/mint blend, she then sanded each one down to bring through some of the black. The end result is an antique look that can add some regal shine to any bathroom. Get tutorial here

Magical Mirror Creations

Mirrors are the focal point of every bathroom so giving them some extra shine will only enhance the look of your room. Perhaps the most outlandish design we’ve seen from our Hometalk community is the above project. Essentially, cladding her mirror in a rainbow of colors, Troom Troom wrapped the frame in rope and painted each strand as she saw fit. As well as being fun, this design works because the mirror matches other objects in the room. This is something Janice Anderssen did when she gave her mirror a chic look using Rust-Oleum Universal titanium silver spray. Get tutorial here

Standout Bathroom Decor Signs

Signs can say a thousand words, which is why a well-placed focal point can raise a smile. The sassy bathroom decor from Unfinishedwoodco is a nice way to show off your cheeky side and bring some levity to a fairly sterile room. A project we really love, however, doesn’t use words at all. Turning traditional bathroom decor signs on their head, Chicago Mom Source took snapshots of her children. Shooting the photos in black and white, she used white frames with an internal border to ensure each image remained the point of focus. What’s great about bathroom decor signs like this is that they’re hugely personal. Get tutorial here

Small Wasted Space.. so I Decided to DIY a La

Little touches can make a difference in any bathroom, regardless of how large or small the space is. With a small wall and just a few planks of wood, ClutteredCorkBoard filled the 10-inch gap between her bathtub and linen closet with a ladder shelf. Fantastically rustic and providing storage, this quick project is a must for all small bathrooms. For a similar look, check out what T Vaughn did with some 26-inch wooden planks. Beyond wall features, the best small bathroom decorating ideas are trinkets. Homey Home Design has shown us how jars, trimming and even pinecones can add some extra pizzazz to any bathroom. Get tutorial here

Top DIY Bathroom Decor Tips

The biggest bathroom decor upgrades often require the smallest of touches. As our community has shown, a subtle touch will transform your bathroom. Many of our top bathroom decor ideas involve changing a major focal point. However, what Scarlet Paolicchi has demonstrated is that hand towels can make a real difference. Describing them as “embellished hand towels,” Scarlet used a combination of ribbons, buttons and fabric glue. The only limit to what you can achieve with by glamming up your towels is what your mind can imagine. If you can combine these with custom soaps, you can spruce up your bathroom with the minimum amount of effort. Get tutorial here

Bathroom Decor Upgrades on a Budget

Bathroom decor ideas don’t have to break the bank. One of the best ways to update your bathroom is to upcycle. Indeed, everything in your home doesn’t need to be off-the-shelf and new. Vintage bathroom decor designs lend themselves particularly well to upcycling. However, as OnBlissStreet has shown, it’s also possible to achieve a high-end look. Taking an old vanity light, this Hometalker covered the brass fronting with stained plywood, drilled some holes and replaced the old bulbs with vintage Hollywood lights. By finding ways to repurpose things you already own, you can renovate your bathroom on a budget that works for you! Get tutorial here