The Perfect Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Nothing says farmhouse like the warmth of a wooden bathroom wall decor with matching paneling. Wood is in this season, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Be smart about it like Angie Forte and repurpose some old barn wood and hardwood, which you can easily access in online stores. For better results, use wood-style ceramic tiles for the floor and choose lighter wood for the walls. Get tutorial here

Small Bathroom on a Budget

Looking to refurbish your bathroom on a budget? Hometalker Engineer Your Space proves it can be done. She managed to remodel her tiny 20 square ft bathroom for under $200. For a quick and clean fix, use peel and stick tiles above the sink – easy to work with and charming! If you are tackling lack of space, why not build a custom storage cabinet over the toilet? Plywood is a great choice: versatile and elegant. Get tutorial here

Bring the Ocean Floor to Your Bathroom

Tired of the same old ideas for your bathroom vanity top? Why not go for something completely different, as Nan Brennan did? Simply remove your old cabinet top and fit in a vanity cabinet bottom of your choice with a tray attached above it. Get some pebbles from your local home supplies store – go for the polished ones for a better finish. Top it off with glass and voila! The ocean floor in your bathroom vanity cabinet! Get tutorial here

Going Grand with Faux Granite

If you are into vintage bathroom decor, there is nothing more majestic than going with granite. And for those of us on a tighter budget, faux granite will do the trick just fine. As The Stonybrook House shows, it is a stunning look with simple supplies you can find online. Just set the stage with some taping and a couple of coats of primer, and then dab away in layers for that faux granite look. Finish off with some Polycrilic. Get tutorial here

Think Big for a Small Bathroom

There are so many houses with small bathrooms – which means that Hometalkers never run out of small bathroom decorating ideas. Hometalker Bryan’s Workshop went big with some Japanese cedar wood from his local wood shop for the bathroom wall decor and the ceiling. A couple of pulleys on sale and two light bulbs attached to an antique looking wire made for a stunning vintage bathroom decor – affordable and easy to install. Get tutorial here

Focus on Your Bathroom Lights

Lights are the essence of a functional and elegant bathroom – as Housetl explains, they are fundamental to your grooming routine. Try their tips for choosing the best bathroom lights. Focus on functionality, as you want to be able to see what you are doing. In order to add appeal, go for ambient lighting – this can truly turn the room into your very own place for relaxing. Dimmer switches are great for getting that effect. Get tutorial here

Turn a Buffet into Your Bathroom Vanity

Doing DIY projects means thinking outside of the box – or as Jennifer Young did, outside of what a vanity usually looks like. If you really like vintage bathroom decor ideas, this is one of the best out there. Simply repurpose an elegant buffet into a bathroom vanity by removing the top and getting a matching countertop made out of granite, or simply use lacquer to waterproof the wooden top. A bold choice that pays off in style! Get tutorial here

Our Sea Glass Inspired Beach Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are always associated with water – so what better place to draw inspiration from than the beach? That is exactly what Leen C did to achieve a great bathroom decor. Get started by deciding on the right colors. Sand white, aqua, and different shades of light green are all great choices. Planked white wood walls will give you a sailing boat vibe. Top it off with decorative seashells and beach pebbles. Get tutorial here

Stencil for a Stunning Bathroom Wall Decor

It is crucial to focus on the bathroom wall decor when remodeling a bathroom. How you decorate the walls can totally change your bathroom decor vibe. Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes shows how it can be done. Choose a modern stencil design, which is a great alternative to old-school wallpaper. They chose Rocking Roses by Royal Design Studio for about $70 and went with exciting metallic colors for contrast. Get tutorial here

Get a Floating Shelf to Declutter Your Space

When it comes to DIY bathroom decor, practical is the name of the game – and Rob and Courtney M had a great idea. They offer detailed instructions on how to build your own DIY floating shelf out of a common wooden board and some terracotta pots. Perfect for taking advantage of that unused space next to the vanity mirror, they look as chic as your bathroom decor. We think they're one of the best small bathroom decorating ideas out there! Get tutorial here

The Perfect DIY Bathroom Vanity

Sometimes it is the odd parts that you would never think of that make the greatest bathroom vanity combos. This is how Becky at Flipping the Flip repurposed a piece of bowling alley maple plank floor into a new vanity countertop. Taking into account the cost to cut a hole for the sink, it cost around $100. A hairpin legged stand for around $20 made for the perfect base for this vintage bathroom decor look. Get tutorial here

Budget-Friendly Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Renovating your bathroom doesn’t have to be costly. Sometimes the simplest solutions are also the smartest. Hometalker Dans_le_Lakehouse decided to add some cheer to the bathroom decor by incorporating some art pieces. Like she did, you can have a photograph taken by a friend printed out as a painting. This can help make your bathroom wall decor more lively and fun – perfect for a mini-renovation! Get tutorial here