Anthropology Knock-off Shower Curtain

by Goldrushgal
1 Day
My version of an Anthropology shower curtain. The original was over $100.00. And with this one I got to choose the colors of my bath. The original one came in white.
I started with a white fabric shower curtain liner. Decided how many rows of ruffles I wanted and marked the sewing lines on the liner with a water erase marker. I used 1 yard of fabric per color and cut each yard in thirds. I then sewed the 3 pieces together to form a long strip. Next I hemmed and gathered each strip and starting at the top and stitched each row onto the liner with the first row just a little bit below the grommets. Each following row was added so that the row above hid the stitching by overlapping about 1 inch. When I finished I added a ribbon with beaded fringe to hide the top of my first row of stitching.
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