1. Choose Wisely When Deciding on Your New Sink's Style

Before you get started, it's best to take your time when researching what you want your new sink to look like. Hometalker Sophie Andersen has a great researched collection of basin designs, perfect for using as part of a bathroom remodeling. For example, a spiraling undermount bathroom sink and sleek monochromatic colors can fit seamlessly into a home with contemporary decor. Get tutorial here

2. Mosaic Tile Pattern on Small Bathroom Sink

This small bathroom sink has a bold design that fits well in a modern bathroom. The mini mosaic tiles are on a mesh, making them easy to fit around the bathroom sink faucets. The use of epoxy mortar and grout makes it simple to keep this bathroom sink looking clean and sharp, as any dirt can just be washed straight off the mosaic tile pattern. Get tutorial here

3. Feather Finish on Undermount Bathroom Sink

Consider using a feather finish on your bathroom sink if you want a rugged, natural appearance. Hometalker Jessica Hoffman opted not to sand the sink, but instead cleaned deeply before applying the first coat of feather finish. The nature of the feather finish means you can get stuck in with your hands with no worry about leaving finger marks.  Get tutorial here

4. How to Use Concrete on a Bathroom Sink

This double sink bathroom vanity now has a cool concrete finish, courtesy of a careful process. Hometalker TaKenya Hampton first removed hardware and sanded the bathroom sink. Next came the concrete - it is important to give each layer at least 12 hours to dry. There are three layers in this case, finished off by a Quikrete concrete acrylic sealer. Get tutorial here

5. Wooden Bathroom Vanity with Vessel Sink

Most people don't look at a heavy antique table base and think that it could make a fine bathroom sink. Hometalker Suzette isn't most people, adding a vintage porcelain sink on the unit to create a bathroom vanity with a basin. The hardware is new, but you may be able to reuse your existing faucets and sink drain if you want to emulate this design. Get tutorial here

6. Bathroom Sink with Unique Unicorn Spit Design

Unicorn Spit can turn any piece of furniture into something wonderfully unique, and this bathroom sink is no different. Hometalker Dawn Taylor laid down a coat of chalk paint before getting started with the Unicorn Spit, using Zia Teal, Blue Thunder, and Midnight Blackness. Apply the stains with a dry sponge brush, then seal once finished. Get tutorial here

7. Tiled Design Around Undermount Bathroom Sink

A benefit of using tiles to decorate your bathroom sink is the fact that you can create an entirely original design, and one that complements existing tiling or backsplashes. Grey faux marble tiles fit with the smaller tile pattern using a diamond blade to cut each tile to the right size. The end result is a smooth surface that contrasts brilliantly with the undermount bathroom sink basin. Get tutorial here

8. Rustic Bathroom Vanity with Sink

This small bathroom sink has a big personality, with the existing sink spruced up by some shiny new faucets. The wooden vanity is finished with a custom gray stain and dry brush combo, a mixture that gives great depth to the unit. Overall, this bathroom vanity and sink unit has a rustic quality that would thrive in a home with a kitsch cottage theme.  Get tutorial here

9. Crisp White Pedestal Sink in Small Bathroom

This simple, minimalist bathroom sink design is the ideal counterpart to the subway tile that stretches from ceiling to floor. The pedestal sink works well in a bathroom with lots of standalone features, such as the metal storage rack. If your bathroom has a predominantly white theme, it makes sense to keep the bathroom sink classily understated. Get tutorial here

10. Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity with Sink

There is a touch of the old and the new in the design of this bathroom basin unit. The wide farmhouse-style sink is a throwback to a bygone era, while the choice of faucet adds a degree of modernity. The espresso vanity ties it all together and, as it was already prefabricated, it was easy to connect to the existing plumbing system. Get tutorial here

11. Bathroom Sink with Exposed Pipe Design

While plumbing pipes may have a practical primary purpose, they can also make a strong design statement in the bathroom. That is true for this bathroom sink, with the antique pipework both serving as an eye-catching piece of design and also somewhere to hang a handy towel. The white Victorian-inspired basin complements the black exposed pipework beautifully. Get tutorial here

12. Bathroom Sink Faucets Painted in Brass

Hometalker Beth used brass-colored spray paint to give these chunky bathroom sink faucets a new lease of life. The warmer brass finish works far better with the theme of the room than the silver that used to be there, given the brass hooks and fixtures. Remove the faucets before spraying and sand lightly before painting with your desired color. Two coats of this golden-brass shade have been used in this case. Get tutorial here

13. Vessel Bathroom Sink on Painted Vanity

This bathroom vanity with a basin shows the artistic potential of a vessel sink. Hometalker Jennifer Lynn decided to convert an old dry sink into a bathroom vanity, drilling plumbing holes carefully through the unit without removing too much storage space. There is rope around the base of the sink rather than the caulk to add a subtle touch of decoration. Get tutorial here

14. How to Paint a Small Bathroom Sink

Sometimes you need to update an ugly beige bathroom sink, but you can't remove the vanity. Hometalker Linda solved this problem by painting the small basin, using Tub & Tile epoxy paint. There are some visible brush marks, but they add an element of charm to the final outcome. Painting a bathroom sink can be an effective temporary measure.  Get tutorial here

15. Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Design

This double sink bathroom vanity is something to behold, an imposing feature that can be a great way to maximize extra space in a master bathroom. There is a strong aesthetic cohesion created by the black bathroom sink faucets, the cabinets, and the walls. The white undermount bathroom sinks shine against the darker theme of the rest of the room. Get tutorial here

16. How to Use Epoxy to Reglaze a Bathroom Sink

Re-energizing your bathroom sink doesn't have to be a task that takes a lot of effort or money. By reglazing with store-bought epoxy, it can look as good as new. Give the sink a deep clean, then tape off areas that you don't want to paint. Brush on light layers of the epoxy, making sure that you only leave two to four hours between each coat. Get tutorial here

17. Copper Vessel Sink on Marble Top

Hometalker Christine B has created a remarkable bathroom sink design that looks as if it has been plucked straight from a period drama. The cantilevered copper vessel and wall-mounted copper faucets are impressive enough on their own, but the marble top on a stone platform gives this sink an even greater sense of grandeur.  Get tutorial here

18. Granite Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Hometalker Carol King-ricca has created a double bathroom sink vanity that could work equally effectively in modern houses or equally in homes with a more vintage theme. The contemporary sheen of the granite countertop stands out on top of the espresso cabinet, while the undermount bathroom basins show that simplicity can often be the best option. Get tutorial here