The Olive Bathroom – A Mancave Ensuite We Can Agree On

One Coast Design
by One Coast Design
Men like masculine colors…what?! Well, I should say, my Husband likes what he calls 'guy colors'.
As a Designer married to an Engineer, form and function are topics often discussed in our home. I prefer elegant yet laid-back design and my husband likes our surroundings to look appealing, as well. So when he mentions ‘no girly-colors’ for his man-cave bathroom, I say, ‘but what do you…mean’?
Upstairs Man-cave ensuite
My husband isn't fond of green but, when I showed him this olive tone that coordinates well with the colorway of the adjoining rooms, he likes this color. It looks great with bronze, dark wood tones and white. I have used this tone of olive green in my artwork as well. A darker shade is in the matting of the painting above the towel rack and I have also incorporated several adjoining olive tones mixed with gold and aubergine in the piece to tie it all together.
Downstairs Powder Room
Another color my husband wasn't sold on was brown. I think brown is particularly elegant, it makes everything sparkle and has the ability to make small room larger somehow. It's truly magical...because now he likes 'brown'! I used brown here in our Powder Room...
Owner's Suite Toilet Room
...and here in a toilet room in the owner's suite bathroom. Can you tell I'm a big fan of floating shelves? I like interior design palatte colors I use to coordinate, not neccessarliy 'match'. I feel like interior spaces should look evolved and the colors should 'talk' to each other. In this house I used the colors of nature to dictate the, sand sky and the sun. (oh yeah, snow is White!) :)

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