Bathroom Cabinets Makeover With Chalk Paint!

by Tammy
1 Day
My bathroom cabinets used to be shiny white, MDF made and ...boring!
I thought that a shabby chic style would be great but still had a lot of doubts of how easy the project could be working with that base... I finally took my chances and ...voila!
Before and After the chalk paint makeover!
I did not want to lose a lot of time sanding and primering. So I decided to start with a very light sanding and check how it goes. I did'nt even took the cabinets off..
Step 1: light sanding was enough
I started painting the cabinets using 2 coats of "Old White" . When dry, I put some extra layers on places to give texture
Putting some more paint for texture
I thought that light blue was a good choice. I used 'dry brush' to create a feeling of old bleached wood
then dry brushing in light blue
I realized that it need a stronger contrast so I hand painted the moldings and details of the cabinets with a deeper tone of turqoise blue
Deep blue in the moldings added contrast
To emphasize the small shelves I painted the wall behind them with a mix of purple white and blue, creating a sense of 'mist'. I then sealed the whole project with neutral wax.
The shelves were almost invisible before
nstead of conventional knobs, made handles of transparent beads and leather cord
My handmade handles...
Finally, I added my favorite clay objects, brought from Portugal lots of years ago
The final touch!
That's all for my new weekend project!

Any comments / questions are very welcome!
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