Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Makeover

Shelly L Nemeth
by Shelly L Nemeth
3 Materials
4 Hours
Painting cabinets can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Using this Fusion paint. Follow these simple steps without needing any professional tools just tape and a paint brush. You’ll have gorgeous painted cabinets that you love!
First I wiped all the cabinets down with Dawn soap incase they are oily or dirty.  I didn’t want to paint the insides of my cabinets, so I taped around the walls and floor. I did not remove the doors either. I opened to paint the inside of doors.
Fusion™ developed a paint that was TRULY zero VOC and non-toxic for you and your loved ones. It's quality and durability. Fusion features an environmentally and health conscious formulation. Babies and young children are more susceptible to the health risks associated with VOCs. Our Paint is lead free, phlalate free, formaldehyde free, ammonia free, virtually odourless and is Zero VOC. So I thought this would  be perfect for a bathroom that everyone will use. The color is Little Whale.
I began by apply one thin coat all over brushing in one direction.  I then allowed to dry and apply my final paint coat again in one direction it was a great paint to use.
I removed the tape and I was done.  The Beauty with Fusion Mineral Paint. All of our paint products are so easy to use and give you an incredible durable long lasting finish, without the need of adding a top coat!
Here is the finished product. I love the way it updated the look and only cost $19.99 a way better option then replacing the cabinet. I'm SOoo happy with the way this project came out! The cabinet in the bathroom that was outdated with orangish oak is gone. I been wanting to lose that look. But I’m pleased to say that with very little prep and the right paint the vanity looks brand new! It’s exactly what I was hoping for!
Suggested materials:
  • Fusion Mineral Paint   (
  • Brush   (
  • Tape   (
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