The Little Black Dressing Table

Red Wind Studio
by Red Wind Studio
When you want elegant and stunning wrapped into one how do you do that. My idea on that is colour and sparkle. Most women have a little black dress. It is a staple item in our wardrobe. We change the look by adding different jewelry and even the simplest black dress can look glamorous with the right accessories. That is what I was trying to achieve with this vanity. Good bones but not so pretty.
I am now working with Canadian made FAT Paint and the colours to choose from are fabulous. I chose to go with two colours to add dimension and bring the two side tops back to the original wood colour and then change out the handles.
I hand sanded the old finish and stain off the two tops until I felt all the old stain was gone. Once two coats of satin polyurethane were dry I wet sanded the surface with 600 grit to remove any burring. Two more coats of polyurethane were added.
In order to achieve dimension without contract in the paint, I chose Raven and Cast Iron FAT Paint colours. The subtle difference is just enough to enhance the different parts of the vanity and stool. Once the 2 coats of paint were on and dry I applied natural wax. I allowed it to dry up a bit then buffed the entire piece with 0000 steel wool. A very light distressing was achieved along with a smooth satin finish.
No ensemble is complete without the jewelry. Adding glass knobs with silver bases added the right amount of sparkle to create the elegance I was looking for. They are like diamonds on the front of the drawers enticing one to come over and grasp it to open the drawer and see what awaits inside.
Bring it all together and voila the little black dressing table. What lovely lady wouldn't want to sit here and get ready for that special evening out?
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  • Marlene Wilson Marlene Wilson on Mar 20, 2014
    Pretty,but I would have sanded and restained it original.But to each her own.

  • Maureen Allwine Maureen Allwine on Jan 27, 2016
    another look that is really pretty is when you do a dark metallic grey and do a black glaze over it. love that dark contrasting the wood, good job.