We Bought a Short Sale - Our Work in Progress - Here Are Some Pics

by FrazzledMommy
2 years ago we bought a short sale - we were lucky that everyone was turned off by the fact that it was ummm... a little unpleasant inside (they left behind everything from a wedding dress to some random canned food and left a lot for most to be desired).. luckily for my husband and i this was a gem (we got into a neighborhood we never could afford normally and though its still a work in progress, it's becoming exactly how we want
ewe - seriously look the in htoilet was gross
This was the day we moved in - ok seriously gross!! Not even bleach could save this..
in here i found some unwanted surprises
This was the vanity ( It had mold - this needed to go) - normally I love refinishing things, but I have horrible allergies and in south Florida mold is not something that goes away easily
Seriously what were they thinking
Though its hard to see - they had a kitchen cabinet over the sink (the vanity lights would burn the bottom of it - also had to go)
exactly how it looked the day we closed
just a random photo - seriously they left a wedding dress behind (sold it online for 25 bucks) - intact with all the crap they left behind, I was able to sell and cover the costs of my bathroom redo supplies
working till 3am
my husband fixing the walls after we pulled off the fake wainscoting that had been colored with sharpees
seriously I ran out of the room for a minute
Had a heart attack on this one I ripped of the old based board and out came a MILLION ants - luckily we had spray on hand - killed those suckers -
like peeling sunburnt skin
Literally I sat there and pealed the paint off the wall - though annoying it was almost relaxing (like popping packing bubbles) - we were told this happened because they mixed a water based primer and latex top paint
we had to take up all the tile
We had to pull up the tile - we rented a hammer chisel from home depot for the day - this was because some rooms were double tiled, carpeted and everything in between
waste management big green bag great idea
we got one of those waste management bags to dump the tile - my only advice for this would be tarp it (it rained and made a huge deals reference the weight at pick up)
I scored on this vanity for 150 - it normally is an 800 dollar vanity - it was a damaged floor model and had a missing handle and big huge black mark across it (I used a mr clean magic rub eraser and it took it right off) - the tile in the back is from a store that was going out of business (i got a box of tile about 4 years ago - for that "ill use this one day purchase"
This is the bath shower now - same tile - I admit i got a new toilet immediatly as well as a new tub (both lower end models but I'm very happy with them - the other tile is from floor and decor (it's like costco but for tile) -
Here is an after pic of the hallway (behr gobi dessert paint) we did laminate - honestly though I wish I went with wood tile we have dogs and if there is a wet spot that isn't discovered right away it bubbles - lesson learned next time tile
a quick after shot - paint is "flint smoke"
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  • Nancy Craig Nancy Craig on Sep 24, 2016
    I love the sink ideal. we are putting new floors in and had the same problem with the ants. Some have ate threw the wire I never knew that could happen. Always have my spray in hand now. You have done a beautiful job. I love it.

  • Jo Jo on Sep 28, 2016
    We had vinyl plank flooring in our house-no worries with the pool out back. We now have it in our apartment and love it here too.