10 Savvy DIY Bedroom Decoration Ideas for Bedrooms of All Sizes

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Small changes can have a big impact: From the nursery to the master bedroom— so don’t make the mistake of overlooking the many ways that DIY bedroom decor can improve your space.

Bedroom Decor Ideas (pixabay)

How to Use DIY Bedroom Decor to Decorate a Small Bedroom

Whether your style is DIY or store bought: These ten projects are sure to inspire your creative side to plan changes for all of the bedrooms in your house. Check out how the following projects use DIY bedroom decor to save money and to bring function along with style, personality, and personal touches into bedrooms!

1. How to Make a Built-in-Bed Using Stock Kitchen Cabinets

The first project is not only an incredible use of space and creative way to decorate a small bedroom; it’s a stunning example of DIY bedroom decor! In what might have been a waste of space—that awkward dormer area no one can figure out how to use—Tricia from Simplicity in the South designed and built a platform bed with ample storage, a planked accent wall, and lighting. Adding a twin bed and storage area in such a difficult to use space is an inspiration to homeowners trying to make use of every square foot they have and creates the illusion of a much larger room. Before Tricia’s project, it would not have been possible to have a bed and dresser fit into such a small nook in the room. By building a platform for a twin bed, space was created for rolling storage drawers underneath. Combined with the two kitchen cabinets on either side of the bed, what was essentially a dead spot in the room instantly became incredibly useful. The soft white paint and the plank wall design make the nook a beautiful focal point where the room once just had a window. Tricia’s use of stock kitchen cabinets and the resulting built-in bed with storage take DIY bedroom decor to the next level!

Bedroom Decorating Ideas (Simplicity in the South)

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2. Small Master Bedroom Makeover

This master bedroom makeover from Tee at Beauteefulliving demonstrates how to use a combination of stylish accessories and DIY bedroom decor to transform a space that, because of its size, would be a challenge to decorate otherwise. From a closet with curtains covering the opening to a gorgeous built-in storage armoire that begs to be seen, the most dramatic feature of this bedroom overhaul allowed for customized storage and optimized space. Tee moved folded clothes from one dresser into the closet; freeing space for a small bench and leaving the spotlight on her DIY white painted dresser. The dark and bulky headboard was harsh in the small room and the new DIY upholstered headboard softens the space behind the bed and complements the bright floral artwork. Another lovely feature of this master bedroom transformation is the gold jewelry hangers that illuminate a small and awkward-to-fill corner of the bedroom while storing and displaying necklaces like colorful works of art. By combining the right storage with stylish accessories and DIY bedroom decor, it doesn’t always have to be a big challenge to decide how to decorate a small bedroom! 

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas (Tee @ Beauteefulliving)

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3. Over-the-Door Organizer Turned Into DIY Bedside Storage

The smallest bedrooms still need adequate storage and DIY bedroom decor is often the only way to ensure the room has a space for all of the necessities. Storage ideas may need to be more about purpose than style in a very small space. Amanda’s use of an over the door organizer to create bedside storage is a great example of how storage for a small bedroom can be more about function than merely bedroom decoration. In a room too small for a nightstand or bedside table, homeowners are left looking for a place to set a book, glass, or the remote. Amanda cut a store bought over the door organizer in half and used it to make an organizer with pockets that fit on the side of the bed itself.

how to Decorate a Small Bedroom (Amanda C, Hometalk Team)

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DIY Bedroom Decor

4. Farmhouse Style Barn Door Headboard

Another project that uses a DIY headboard to help show how to decorate a small bedroom is this farmhouse style barn door headboard from Laura at Little Yellow Wheelbarrow. After realizing that the barn door headboard she wanted would cost thousands, Laura decided to tackle this DIY bedroom decoration herself! With pine boards, stain, and paint, Laura was able to recreate the look of barn doors. Using it as a headboard for a queen sized bed makes a dramatic statement and a big impact in a room where there might not be space to have many large furniture items.

Farmhouse Bedroom Decor (Laura Kennedy)

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5. Painted and Decoupage Nightstand

While storage may be a big priority when planning how to decorate a small bedroom in your house, there are plenty of ways to make sure that every piece of furniture in the room makes a statement! Karin from Art is Beauty used spray paint and colorful, patterned paper on a thrifted wooden nightstand to show how simple a small DIY bedroom decor project can be. After removing the back of the nightstand and using spray adhesive to affix the paper to it, Karin spray painted the dated looking wood with vibrant coral paint. The drawer pull, also spray painted black, is a nicer contrast to the coral than its original brass look. In a room that might not have enough space on both sides of the bed for two matching nightstands— or if nothing in the stores seems just right for your space— this is such a fun alternative and great way to let color and personality shine through.

DIY Bedroom Decor (Art is Beauty)

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 6. Easy DIY Painted Pillows

Small budgets may not always allow for huge changes but in a small bedroom, even small details can make a big improvement! When buying all new bedroom decor or all new bedding isn’t an option, consider how small throw pillows can bring new life to a room. Using a stencil and bright, cheerful paint colors, Cutting Edge Stencils transformed a plain bed for a fraction of the cost of all new bedding and throw pillows. This easy DIY bedroom decor project has a big impact without a big budget. 

DIY Decor Ideas for Bedroom (Cutting Edge Stencils)

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7. Farmhouse Style DIY Shiplap Wall

Hoosier Homemade shows how to decorate a bedroom in a farmhouse style and created the ever-popular shiplap look at a fraction of the cost as the focal point of the project. The DIY shiplap wall cost less than $40 and brings brightness and a completely new look to the room. With an off-white shade of paint and farmhouse style accessories to decorate the rest of the room, the DIY bedroom decor fits in nicely and makes a huge difference in a room that once had bright blue walls with tan trim. The $10 antique store find brass headboard was spray painted a dark metal shade to fit in more with the farmhouse style of the rest of the room and is a great complement to the shiplap wall behind it.

Bedroom Wall Decor (Hoosier Homemade)

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DIY Bedroom Decor For Kids

Kids’ bedrooms can be one of the most fun projects to tackle in the home. Each small touch to make a child’s room fit their personality adds up to a space that children feel comfortable and truly at home in. It’s very easy to find colorful items for decorating children’s rooms in stores and online but a unique DIY project like these bloggers created are great ways to really customize the room and incorporate exactly what appeals to your child.

8. Toy Animals Clothing Hooks

These adorable hooks are so simple to make and customizable for a child’s room, it makes sense why after making one, Shawna wanted to make several of them! After taking a hacksaw to some inexpensive toys, she used craft glue to adhere the bodies to a wooden board. The result is a playful, inexpensive, custom coat hanger that any child would love to use. This project uses dinosaurs but any toy could work just as well for anyone looking for creative ideas for DIY bedroom decor for their child’s room.

Kids Bedroom Decor (Shawna Bailey)

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 9. Painted Hexagon Accent Wall for a Tween Boy Room

The dramatic impact that paint can provide is undeniable when viewing projects like Carolyn’s tween boys bedroom hexagon accent wall. What was once a plain white wall is now bursting with style. The colors, pattern, and style of the project demonstrate how to decorate a bedroom for the difficult tween ages where typical store-bought bedroom decor doesn’t always work. The choice of bold orange and contrasting blues to create the hexagon pattern is perfect for a tween boy’s room that begs for character without using childlike characters to decorate it!

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas (Carolyn McAfee)

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DIY Bedroom Wall Decor

10. DIY Wild & Free West Elm Knock Off Bedroom Decor

With a “Wild and Free” themed boy’s bedroom in mind, Micah from HomeFaithFamily crafted West Elm inspired 3D animal heads. This clever bedroom decoration was created making a DIY shadow box style frame and cutting the animal shapes out of shiny gold foil covered mat boards with a Cricut. Matboard was also used as a backer for the animal shapes to help them stand out from the frame back. The result is an adorable custom feature of the room and great example of how bedroom decoration does not always mean using store-bought items!

Master Bedroom Wall Decor (Home Faith Family)

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Find DIY Projects to Be Inspired By

Although it may be tempting to spend all of a home decorating budget on the rooms that guests will see the most often, any effort put into making bedrooms comfortable, stylish, and functional truly pays off in the long run by making the room people spend the most time in more enjoyable. By creating storage, making stylish and comfortable areas to relax, and utilizing all of a small space, bedrooms can be rooms not only to enjoy but to show off just like the rest of the house!

Are you looking for ways to improve your bedroom style and function, or want to try out some simple DIY bedroom decor projects? Are you already a pro at decorating bedrooms and have ideas for DIY bedroom decor that Hometalk readers can try out? Get inspired and share your photos and ideas to inspire others on Hometalk!

Written for the Hometalk community by: Kate Griffin | Eating in the Shower Blog

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