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Charlee Hunter
by Charlee Hunter
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At long last, I am done (ok , just kidding , I'm sure it will morph over the next year or so because I can't help myself). Over the last few weeks I have been posting projects that were done for my revamped guest room. I didn't post all of them because they were either very small projects or they were inspired by, or created according to, instructionals already here on hometalk, but I'll share a brief description of them all here.

I have done so much with this room I'm not sure where to, as they say the beginning is always best.

Throughout the years, this room has been many things.. dog room , catch all, uninteresting bed room, and up until recently, my home office and craft room. I out grew it (imagine that). So I moved out and it became "a real guest room". It looked….ok. Over the last year we have almost completely re-done our living space, as a result, this no longer felt an integral part of the house. Besides, I'm sure I heard it complaining one day that it was feeling left out of the house makeover : ) Weeellllll I just happen to need a new project.. and we just happened to have horrid weather here in ole MI… and I had a friend about to come and stay! No time like the present!!

Here is what it looked like.  Tannish walls, orange and aqua accents.. 
Remember Mr. Chair?  Here he is covered in "sissy" aqua material (same stuff I used for Ms. Penelope's tail fin: ) ).  I'm sure that Mr. Chair was cringing...  Also notice the orange wall.. not my finest moment. LOL Honestly , it looked good when this was my office..
Grey dresser which has also been redone, and my quilt rack. 

The first thing I did was take everything off the walls;  out of the room; patch the walls and begin the task of repainting the walls dove grey to match the rest of my house. I have a feature wall planned in the future, but for now it's complete : )
Here is the before mentioned 'grey' dresser, reimagined : )  Along side it are the 'toys' and pillow I made over the years. In one of my posts I mention the "owl" theme in this room.. yeah.. it exploded and this Is my attempt at corralling it LOL  The pillow is made out of an itchy , too hot and totally the wrong color for me, sweater that my extremely loving sister picked out for me because of the cute owl on the front. I could not just throw it away!!  This pillow is a terrific compromise and she loved it (phew!).  Out of all the things in that cool and rustic apple crate that my husband found for me (he finds things a lot...), only one of them was not made by me .  Its the grey owl with the yellow eye rings. That was also given to me by my sister and was the first owl to grace this room when it became the 'owl room'.

The welcome blackboard was also made by me and is chronicled in a project.

The pictures on the dresser are, from left to right, me (stunning in my baldness, how my mother ever got a bow to stay on my head will forever be a mystery), my mother (as a child), and my father (as a young boy).

The lamp is from my Grandmother. It's one of the first things I claimed, even after the shade broke in the move : (  I glued it back together but it's still missing pieces.  *shrug.  don't care, she'll stay here anyway.

I purchased all new linens for the bed in a much softer color (kind of what they would call a 'griege'. lol  and a pop of color in the sheets.

These pillows, ........yep the 'owl' ones... are the entire reason the owl craze happened.  I still love these pillows!  The knitted owl on the bed is a heating pad and was given to me by my niece.. she is her mother's (my sister) daughter! ha!

The collage on the wall: one is an old cool plastic plate I've had forever and the other two items I just made for this room.  You'll see those next.

There is a small bedside chest of drawers, I didn't have to change those a bit (painted them long ago), thank goodness.  The item on top of the little dresser I created , you'll see that too.
Here are a few of the smaller projects I told you I did not post because it would have taken me longer to post them than it did to create them!

One is a frame and bowed glass that I purchased from an antique store long long ago.  I never found the right thing to do with it (and I tried), until I saw a picture in the background of someone's photo of a black square frame with a black background and just writing on the background... kowabunga! My mind went straight to this frame.  Painted the backing black, the frame black and used my French script stencil in 4 different shades and voila!!

I needed one more thing in that grouping... found this old frame (from my husbands father).  Found some turkey and pheasant feathers that my husband had given me.  Remember the current 'feather' fad (owls go with feathers, right!?).  Painted the frame the same black, painted the background with off white and then streaked /smeared a bit of the black and mounted the feathers with hot glue (they are under glass so it's only to hold them in place).

Ta da! Grouping complete.
And this..........this took me forever!  Like , 5 minutes.... 

The black piece is from a hanging candle holder (the hook is being used elsewhere).  The jar is simply a wide mouth ball canning jar. The  lights are twinkle lights I got from Amazon.  The battery case is being hidden by the rocks in the bottom of the jar.  The book 'star' is just something I was dinking with because I had leftover pages from the 'book wreaths' (coming up) and was playing around. The lights are remote controlled.. awesome night light!
There's Mr. Chair!  and he is now topped with a 'book page' wreath. This is one of two that I made (next pic shows the other one).  This is the one I preferred and it is hanging on a piece of wood I had hanging around that I just used dark wax on.
Here are the two wreaths that I made. My mother fell in love with the more , what I call 'industrial looking' one (it is made on the top of a popcorn tin top that looks like a milk can), so I gave it to her for her room.  The other of course is in the guest room.
Both of these are tutorials on Hometalk.
Another angle. You can see the 'industrial' wreath hanging in this pic.
The bed.............and before anyone says "why didn't you paint that bed".. well I would have.  This bed is a childhood bed of my husbands... he hate's painted wood and is extremely old school (even knowing how talented his wife is hahaha).  It's going to take a bit for me to talk him into letting me do a make over on it..........but I see it in my future!
And here's as much as I can get in with my camera : )  I think it's very peaceful.  Some day I hope to rip up that carpet and install hard wood, but that's not today : )

I don't know what my 'style' is, I guess I just like to surround myself with things I love and hope it all meshes together : )  Hope you enjoyed this and that it gives you inspiration!
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  • JudyH JudyH on May 21, 2018

    I LOVE room decor where every piece has a story and happy memories! You nailed it! What a welcoming retreat for your guest! I agree with your husband about not painting his childhood bed. It looks great As Is in your space. You didn't mention the dust ruffle you have on the bed, but it is certainly a special touch. I'm guessing it is made from a drop cloth with an unfinished edge. I also read your great Home talk tutorial for your heirloom chair. Love how you respected the original wood and seating material. Your painted strips and stencil are very pretty. Thank you for sharing!

    • Charlee Hunter Charlee Hunter on May 21, 2018

      Thank you so much : ) The 'dust' ruffle on the bed is actually a very, very old (from my grandmother)white Chenille coverlet. Just folded and pinned to fit over the box springs, then the mattress laid on top to hold it in place.

  • JudyH JudyH on May 21, 2018

    Ah, chenille! I couldn't quite tell what the fabric is. It is just lovely. One of my friends shared a room with her sister when they were growing up and they had matching chenille spreads. They are both middle age now and, as a surprise, her sister made teddy bears for the two of them AND each of their adult children out of their old childhood bedspreads. It's that just the sweetest thing ever!

    • Charlee Hunter Charlee Hunter on May 21, 2018

      Oh thats an awesome gift! How lovely of her. I wish i still had my sister and my old chartreuse with huge pink and white flowers on it, bed spreads. We loved those things. I may have had to steal the idea!