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This is Sweet Cheeks. At least this WAS Sweet Cheeks. Now he's more like a little pre-school man who we've discovered likes all things outdoorsy.
As it turns out, this is quite ironic because my husband, particularly, is the antithesis of outdoorsy. If you were to ask Husband to take a family "hike" he'd want the path to be paved, lighted, and be outfitted with some sort of snack bar mid-way to the destination...which preferably is some air-conditioned building showing an IMAX of something "outdoorsy".
But alas, we bred a little fishing, camping, mud-pie making, bug-loving boy. And he's awesome. So, we wanted him to have a space that reflected his personality. And his room is currently my FAVORITE space.

Here's what it looked like before we moved in:
A blank canvas...and perhaps easier on the eyes to many than what you're about to see. It's a little wild, and certainly not everyone's cup of tea, but it works for Sweet Cheeks!

This is Sweet Cheeks' outdoor adventure room!

>> CLICK HERE for the HOW TO on the DENIM WALLS **

** Full source list for ALL the items in Sweet Cheeks space can be found at the blog post. Link at the bottom of the page :)
>> CLICK HERE for the HOW TO on the DIY TENT **
This gallery wall is probably my favorite part of the room. The larger pieces are a set of fishing/camping inspired dishtowels that I framed. Then we added some watercolors I painted in college, and best of all, some photographs of my Great Grandfather from WWI. I'm so proud to display them in our home.
Sweet Cheeks' room is not huge. Which is ok, because neither is Sweet Cheeks. But, in order to save some "play" room, we opted for a daybed (which is actually a fancy way of saying we took a twin mattress and cheap metal bed frame, and jammed them up against the wall).
Camping, of course, is never complete without smores! Ours, luckily, are the non-messy variety. And I snagged a vintage boy scout mess kit so Sweet Cheeks has all the right equipment to cook us some treats over the fire.

After all is said and done, undoubtedly, the absolute BEST thing about this room is that Sweet Cheeks still loves to snuggle and play with Mommy in here. There's no space around that wouldn't be my favorite as long as that holds true.

Please come see us at the Nest, anytime. And we'd love to connect with you via social media as well!!

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Heathered Nest
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  • Cherie Cherie on Feb 08, 2015
    I think the room is too cute! But I would worry about my 1-2 yr old falling or just getting out of bed at any time!

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