Bedroom Makeover In One Week - Bedroom #1

Alicia W
by Alicia W
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5 Days
Everyone loves a good makeover am I right? My sister has three bedrooms that needed to be made over and were completed over a period of one month. Here are the results.
The first was one of my nephew’s room. He is 17 years old and very involved in sports and music but his room didn’t reflect that. He had an accent wall that was bright green and the remaining walls were cream.
He had received a number of awards for the activities that he participated in but they were just haphazardly tacked to his walls.
And his carpet had seen better days.
I removed everything from the room and painted the ceiling white.
I primed all of the walls mostly to cover the green but to make sure they were all same color.
I then painted all of the walls a blue/gray color called “Silver Dusk” by Valspar in an eggshell finish.
To make the ceilings look higher:
A-While painting the walls, I paint up to the ceiling leaving about 2”. Then measure down about 1” and apply painter’s tape along that measurement.
B- Paint the wall color to the bottom of the tape
C-Pull off the tape when the paint is damp and you have a nice crisp boarder and no hassel with trimming.
Next I removed the carpet and padding.
I removed the carpet and padding. Then I removed the tack strips, which hold down the carpet and the staples which hold down the padding.
After a through vacuuming, the floor was clean.
While the carpet was removed, I heightened the baseboards. Here is the post on how to heighten your baseboards.
I also added moulding to the closet doors. Here is the post on how to add moulding to your closet doors to give them a fresh look.
Now for the flooring.
To reflect his love of music, I cut apart sheet music and applied it to his floor.
Here is the post on applying paper bagging/sheet music to your subfloor.
While the floor was drying, I worked on arranging his various medals and awards.
Here is the post on how to display awards.
I also replaced the casing around his window. Here is the post on making farmhouse window casings.
Here is what you’ve been waiting for...the transformation pictures.
I flipped the placement of his furniture around, moving the bed to the opposite wall, gave him a night stand, bedside lamp and new bedding.
I moved his dresser to the opposite wall. His awards are proudly arranged and hung where he can see them. I also gave him a new mirror.
He loves his new floor. I gave him a new rug which is beside his bed.
I made him a cork board with his initials so no more pinning things to his wall. Now his room is that of a 17 year old teenager.
Suggested materials:
  • Cork board   (Walmart)
  • Bedside lamp   (Walmart)
  • Bedding   (Walmart)
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